Find Sweepstakes and Contests with Giveaway Center + a $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

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This post about finding sweepstakes and contests was inspired by a collaboration with Giveaway Center. All opinions are my own. Everyone loves giveaways, right?! Before I began blogging I was quite the "sweeper" myself. I was always searching the internet for sweepstakes and contests to enter, but I often ended up at dead ends and had trouble finding a site that was a one-stop for sweepstakes listings. I'm excited to share that there is a site that is going to end up being your first stop of ... ...continue reading

RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster Seat Review + GIVEAWAY!


I've teamed up with RECARO for this review of the Performance SPORT. Earlier this week, I was loading up the kids and the groceries next to a man who you might say looked a little rough around the edges.  He saw our new car seat in the back and said, "A RECARO baby seat.  Cool!"  I thought, how odd, that this stranger would be in the know about car seats, but then I noticed that he had racing stickers on his truck and clearly, he was familiar with the brand from the racing world, and approved ... ...continue reading

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt in the Step2 Easygoing Wagon! {PLUS, a GIVEAWAY!}

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How is your summer treating you?!  We hear that winters are pretty rotten around here so we're spending every waking moment outdoors while we can.  We spend a lot of our summer days in the backyard, on the local trails, and exploring the neighborhood.  To spice things up a little, I created a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt to give us an activity to do while we cruise around in the new Step2 Easygoing Wagon! There couldn't be a more perfect vehicle for toting around toddlers who like to jump ... ...continue reading

Why We Chose T-Mobile + $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway! #ad


This is a sponsored post from One of life’s conundrums I’ve faced over the last few of years is how accepting people are when it comes to their cell phone plan.  Early on in my smart phone ownership, I went with the status quo, purchasing the most convenient and broadly advertised plans.  I was paying something like $115 per month for one smart phone and one dumb phone. Since that time, I’ve come to the light.  I’ve spent many hours researching the various phone plan options ... ...continue reading

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial! +Giveaway from Sunshine Shoppe Supply

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I often think about why I love DIY projects so much.  Is it because I like saving money?  Is it because I can personalize these projects, so that they are unique and meaningful? Yes and yes, but I think the biggest reason is because I just love to CREATE!  I love the satisfaction that comes from using my hands to make something from mere parts and supplies, and then the sense of pride I feel every time I look at that project, knowing that I had a hand in it.  I'm kind of still wrapped up in ... ...continue reading

Balboa Baby Bedding Review & Giveaway!

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My toddler boys will both be attending preschool this Fall, and even though it is only one day a week, I am practically giddy excited just thinking about being able to do my grocery shopping during the day with one child instead of three!  Since baby girl will be clocking miles in a shopping cart and still pretty young (think "put-everything-in-your-mouth" stage), I decided that it was high time I got one of those cute little shopping cart covers.  I did my homework and shopped around for the ... ...continue reading

BABYBJÖRN Kitchen Products for Kids Review & Giveaway!

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I was babysitting my younger siblings from as early as I can remember.  Add to that babysitting for families around the neighborhood nearly every weekend of my junior high years, and I felt like I had fed dozens of children in dozens of different kinds of high chairs before I even left for college.  I had a good idea of what designs were easy to use, easy to clean, as well as which ones looked the nicest in the kitchen.  I was determined to get it right the first time, but still ended up with a ... ...continue reading

Bloom Theory Camera Straps Review & Giveaway! Mama & Babe Prize Package!

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If my house were on fire, and after all the kids were safely outside, I'd definitely go back in for my camera!  I just upgraded to the new Canon Rebel T6i and could 100% justify the purchase because I use my camera literally every single day!  Between blogging, documenting my children, and photography gigs, I feel like it is always around my neck.  As soon as I agreed to photograph my first wedding this summer (!), I decided that all I really wanted was a gorgeous camera strap to make me feel ... ...continue reading

Sunshine Shoppe Supply Review & Giveaway!

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  My sister gave me a beautiful baby shower before I had Baby B a few months ago, and it was really the most thoughtful thing.  The entire time, I kept thinking that the only way I could really thank her would be to give her a gorgeous baby shower in return!  She is due with a girl at the end of the summer, and for weeks, I was planning this event.  In my search for gifts and activities and themes for the shower, I came across Sunshine Shoppe Supply, and fell absolutely in love with ... ...continue reading

Rag & Bone Bindery Review & Giveaway!

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I often think about how being a mother in this day and age is different than 30 years ago when my mom was raising me.  My mom is remarkable at preserving memories and lovingly documenting her children with scrapbooks and memory boxes, and these are still some of our most prized possessions today.  With my own daughter, I've been wanting to find a tangible way to document her baby years, week by week, but in a tangible book that she'd be able to look through when she's older.  After we've taken ... ...continue reading