Luxurious Bed Sheets from Cariloha Bamboo Review & Giveaway!


A few weeks ago, my husband found a crazy great Cyber Monday deal on a King size memory foam mattress and (after checking in with me), bought it on a whim!  While he was probably only thinking about the bed and the deal, my mind went into high-speed logistic-mode, thinking of all the things I had to do to make this work!  With just the right timing, I needed to sell our Queen size mattress and bed frame, or at least get them out of the house just when the new mattress arrived, figure out what to ... ...continue reading

Valentine’s Day with See’s Candies Review & Giveaway!


Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates!  I could get chocolates for Valentine's Day every year for the rest of my life and never complain.  Especially chocolates from See's Candies!  I'm becoming such a See's frequenter that I could probably identify most of their chocolates from the box and I find myself recommending favorites to my friends and family.  Actually, I'm really excited to do just that since we received a box at no cost to facilitate ... ...continue reading

Healthy Snacking with Taste of Nature Review & Giveaway

taste of nature

After several months of feasting on the holiday snacks, treats, and desserts, I always find it SO refreshing when January rolls around and much of our society refocuses on healthy diets and exercise plans!  I love how the gyms fill back up and the thought of swimsuit season rolling around puts us all on a better regimen of healthier meals and snacks!  I've come across an organic food bar that is so chock full of goodness and I'm excited to share with you the benefits and ingredients of these ... ...continue reading

DropPlace Vinyl Backdrops and Floors Review & Giveaway!


Practically gone are the days of going to a studio for your family pictures.  Nearly everyone has a nice camera of their own, or they have a friend who does!  Photography studios are now in people's homes and achieving that beautiful "studio" look can be obtainable by nearly anyone!  Whether you're a "mom with a camera", a budding photographer, or a real professional, you still need good equipment to really make your pictures look great.  I'm so excited to show you a couple vinyl backdrops from ... ...continue reading

Wantable December Collections Review & Giveaway!


Gift giving can be a frustrating task for me and my husband because all month long, we try to drop hints and point the other in the right direction, but we still like to be a just a little surprised without having to pick things out for ourselves.  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't, but its always more fun to be surprised, especially when the gift turns out to be exactly our style and something we love!  All of the things I love about this gifting game is wrapped up in a beautiful ... ...continue reading

Crawling Crew Stylish Unisex Tights Review & Giveaway

crawling crew

Baby, its REALLY cold outside!  I hear that New England is predicted to have one of the coldest winters yet, and I am bracing myself for another several months of frigid temperatures and bundling up the kids as much as I can.  When my baby boys were smaller, I found it easier to keep them layered up, since I could add leggings and shirts inside footie pajamas.  As they've grown and become active movers and shakers, it has gotten harder.  Especially at night, I worry about their little legs ... ...continue reading

Hickory Farms Gift Baskets and Chocolates Review & Giveaway!

hickory farms

  I love entertaining and I love having family over for the holidays, but it can also be super stressful for me!  A lot of the stress has to do with the food.  I worry about serving food that is delicious and attractive, but it also has to be something  within my time limitations as a mom.  I don't have all day to work on an appetizer!  This is where gift baskets come in, especially those from Hickory Farms.  At no cost to facilitate this review, I was sent a gift basket and a ... ...continue reading

Win any pair of shoes from White Mountain Shoes! Review & Giveaway

white mountain

Winters in New England can be completely brutal, and this year is expected to be a super cold one.  After slipping on ice a few too many times last year, I said enough was enough and I was going to find myself some decent (but still attractive) winter boots that can handle unsalted sidewalks, slippery stairs, and piles of un-shoveled snow.  I was doing a little online shoe hunting and came across White Mountain Shoes, and was instantly wooed by their selection of appealing winter boots.  I ... ...continue reading

Snapfish Holiday Cards Review & Giveaway #snapfishblogger

snapfish hero

  Special thanks to guest blogger, Diana, for help with this post!  I was going back and forth this year on whether I wanted to stress with Christmas cards, but when I saw the cards at Snapfish and how cute and easy to design these cards were, I couldn't say no.  And they are so affordable!  These cards are half the price of ones I've sent before.  The whole process of designing the cards took less than thirty minutes, and that is including writing my letter for the back.  At no cost ... ...continue reading

Chibebe Snuggle Pod Review & Giveaway!

chibebe 10

My firstborn was a very high-maintenance kind of a child, and he really demanded all of my attention!  Since there was no one else in the house that needed my time and interaction, I willingly gave it.  Things changed with the second baby, and I'm sure I'll notice it even more with this third child.  There will not be enough of me to go around if this infant needs around-the-clock interaction!  Good thing our household is always crazy and exciting, with lots to see and listen to.  You just need ... ...continue reading