Disney’s PLAYMATION Avengers Review + Prize Pack Giveaway!

playmation giveaway

I've teamed up with PLAYMATION for this post. So picture this: its almost bedtime, the lights are out, and my husband and my son have set up the living room to look like a battle zone with couch cushions strategically strewn.  They've got their action figures in place and a mechanical laser pack strapped to their arm.  I'm hearing dodging, rolling, and jumping from upstairs, along with battle sounds and phrases like "Head up!  Chest out!", "An Ultron bot is lost in the sewers!", "Do your best, ... ...continue reading

The Journey Home DVD Prize Pack (with Visa Gift Card!) Giveaway!

The Journey Home giveaway

Samples & prizing are provided by RLJ Entertainment. I feel like I'm getting really old and really predictable and I just long for an adventure!  Or maybe I just need to start taking my little boys on some serious excursions and giving them opportunities for adventures of their own that I can be a part of.  I believe that everyone needs to experience a sort of journey of discovery, an opportunity to wander out of your daily routine, a chance to do something new or brave, or just to learn ... ...continue reading

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Review & Giveaway!

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We've have a pretty bad track record with vacuums around here.  In the past, we've gone for the cheapest options and have gotten just about what we paid for -- poor vacuums that don't last the year.  I was honestly a little relieved to just leave our vacuum behind when we moved to Boston, where for 5 years, we had hardwood floors throughout the house.  Going vacuum-less and sticking with sweeping and mopping wasn't going to fly when we moved to student family housing with carpet throughout the ... ...continue reading

Undercelebrated Milestones with VTech Toys {Review & GIVEAWAY!}

vtech toy giveaway

Every time I turn around, my babies are bigger and doing new things and really going places, and it makes me want to scream, "Stop it!"  Since I can't actually stop time or even slow it down remotely, I find a little comfort in at least documenting some of my favorite things that they do, whether that be preserving pictures or just jotting down this or that in journals or calendars.  The big things always get noted, but there are still so many milestones and "firsts" that are under-celebrated, ... ...continue reading

Room Makeover Reveal: Instagram-Inspired Monochromatic Toddler Room {+BIG Giveaway}

Room Makeover Reveal Monochrome Instagram-Inspired Toddler Room

I am so thrilled to be able to FINALLY reveal the not-so-little project I have been working on since March! This Instagram-inspired monochromatic toddler room was so fun to create, and I hope I can inspire another Mama to do the same! Now, before I break down all of the cool things about this room, let’s take a step back to how this room started. My son's nursery was themed with "Gentleman's Quarters" and appeared on Project Nursery. Initially, I wanted to keep this room and have him grow ... ...continue reading

bObi, the Intelligent Floor Cleaner GIVEAWAY!

bobi giveaway

I know that we are just on the cusp of Fall, but its not at all too early to be thinking of that one thing you'd like to ask Santa for.  Last Christmas, a cute little bObi showed up under the tree, and it was the best Christmas gift ever! See those happy faces?  Ya, we're still just as happy with our bObi, 7 months later.  You'll have to read my full review to get all the wonderful details, but I'll point out the highlights of why you need a bObi in your life. This little ... ...continue reading

Kid’s Bible in Felt by Betty Lukens Review & Giveaway!

betty lukens felt giveaway

Every day, I am more and more impressed (and sometimes shocked) with how many things my children pick up on.  They can repeat stories, remember details and emotions, and solve problems based on things they've seen and learned from their friends and teachers.  Its making me take a good look at what they're learning and where they are getting their information, and I want to make sure that it is clean and wholesome!  I like to think that I didn't turn out too crazy or irrational, and I've been ... ...continue reading

A Quick & Efficient Home Cleaning Routine! – Printable Cleaning Schedule {+ Giveaway!}

cleaning schedule with glove

  I've teamed up with Clean Ones for this post. I know we're all a little sad that our darling cherubs are back in school, but aren't we also looking forward to getting some order back in our lives?  SO many things get put on the back burner when there are vacations, summer camps, pool days, sleepovers, and a thousand other things that suck up our time but also put the house in disarray!  Personally, I am enthusiastically relieved about being able to catch up on some cleaning and get ... ...continue reading

Find Sweepstakes and Contests with Giveaway Center + a $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Giveaway Center Giveaway Image

This post about finding sweepstakes and contests was inspired by a collaboration with Giveaway Center. All opinions are my own. Everyone loves giveaways, right?! Before I began blogging I was quite the "sweeper" myself. I was always searching the internet for sweepstakes and contests to enter, but I often ended up at dead ends and had trouble finding a site that was a one-stop for sweepstakes listings. I'm excited to share that there is a site that is going to end up being your first stop of ... ...continue reading

RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster Seat Review + GIVEAWAY!


I've teamed up with RECARO for this review of the Performance SPORT. Earlier this week, I was loading up the kids and the groceries next to a man who you might say looked a little rough around the edges.  He saw our new car seat in the back and said, "A RECARO baby seat.  Cool!"  I thought, how odd, that this stranger would be in the know about car seats, but then I noticed that he had racing stickers on his truck and clearly, he was familiar with the brand from the racing world, and approved ... ...continue reading