Review & Giveaway from Séraphine Maternity & Nursing Clothes!

Seraphine Maternity

What a great month it has been, celebrating Breastfeeding Month!  I've loved all the positive things I've seen in the media that support this decision that so many mother make, and I'm so happy to support Séraphine in promoting their maternity and nursing clothes!  A few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough, and I pulled out my dusty box of maternity clothes.  I was pretty disappointed.  I remember these clothes being much cuter and stylish several years ago!  Now, they just look stretched, ... ...continue reading

Win an Altego Backpack in the Back to School Giveaway Hop!


Welcome to the Back 2 School Giveaway Hop! Make sure to stop over at The Review Wire to enter to win a Back to School Prize Pack valued at $98, that includes Star Wars Workbooks from Workman Publishing, Clothing from French Toast, a Backpack from TerraCycle and Character Tapes from Duck Tape Brands. After you enter my giveaway make sure to stop over to enter to win this Grand Prize at The Review Wire! So...who's excited!?!  My toddlers aren't attending school yet, and I'm not teaching this ... ...continue reading

Gorgeous Dresses, Skirts, and Tops from Sorella Bella! #Giveaway


Guest blogger, Janae (Camille's little sister) here!  Next month, I will leave for Taiwan to serve an 18-month mission for our church, and even though I'm a little nervous about learning Mandarin, I'm ecstatic to go!  In preparing, I've been looking for the best clothing that will hold up for 18 months while accommodating the very warm and humid weather, and I found dozens of fantastic options from Sorella Bella! Sorella Bella specializes in clothing for sister missionaries, but as you can ... ...continue reading

Flattering Nursing Clothes from Milk Nursingwear #Giveaway


Only a mother will understand the feeling that your body will never be your own again.  Throughout pregnancy, you're sacrificing all your extra energy and nutrients and completely putting your body on loan to host the tiny growing baby inside you.  Then if you choose to breastfeed, your body is FAR from your own!  You are an ever-giving, on-demand food source!  Can you tell I'm mentally preparing myself for this stage?!  Nursing my babies is both a wonderful experience and sometimes a huge ... ...continue reading

Upcoming Birthday or Anniversary? WIN a $75 Teleflora Giftcard! #TelefloraGiveaway


My husband (then fiance) proposed just six days before my birthday, so I wasn't expecting anything big or expensive since he'd just dropped a load of his savings on my glorious engagement ring.  However, I was once again swept off my feet with love, awe, admiration, and butterflies when we returned from a birthday dinner and I found a big GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers waiting for me at home!  Good move, lover! Ordering a brilliant birthday or anniversary bouquet of flowers from Teleflora for a ... ...continue reading

Win an Award-Winning WOW Toy! Interactive, Educational, and Fun!


Mom, Dads, grandparents, and caregivers!  Before you write this off as just another toy company, hear me out!  As a mom of two rambunctious toddlers (and very typical boys), I've found these WOW Toys to be really incredible play-things!  They are my boys' FAVORITE things in the house, and there are so many features to rave about when it comes to these toys. We've reviewed WOW Toys in the past, so I have the advantage of seeing how well these toys hold up after months and years of ... ...continue reading

Win a Customized Diaper Bag from Baby Highpants!

final hero

I'm becoming such a sucker for cute diaper bags!  My husband just rolls his eyes when I start raving about a darling and functional find, but I think after we took my new baby bag from Baby Highpants (which I received at no cost to facilitate this review) on a date last weekend to photograph it (and he actually took all these pictures himself!), I think he gets it now.  This is a terrific bag!!  And it is entirely handmade!  Being a seamstress myself really helps me appreciate handmade wonders ... ...continue reading

Wantable! Win a Customized Accessories, Intimates, or Makeup Box!


Oh, how I love a good surprise!  Its no secret than I am head over heals about Wantable.  Every box I've ordered feels like such a great deal of surprise treasures that are exactly my style, that I keep going back! Sometimes, I feel like the Wantable stylists know me better than myself since they keep following through with things I might not have picked out for myself, but have become tried and true favorites.  But let's back up. What is Wantable? Wantable is a monthly subscription box ... ...continue reading

Mrs. Dash $5,000 Recipe Challenge + a Seasonings Giveaway


I love cooking from scratch and creating a slightly different (and hopefully better!) meal every time I take to a dish without a recipe.  The key is in the spices, and I've learned that using the good stuff really makes a difference.  At no cost to facilitate this review, I was sent all 14 Mrs. Dash seasoning blends, and as you'll see below, I think they really help take a entree to the next level.  Mrs. Dash is well known for their premium seasoning blends and they're interested in seeing YOUR ... ...continue reading

Win a Diaper Bag from Mia Tui: Review + #Giveaway!


I never really loved the the idea of carrying a "diaper bag".  I much prefer to own a "stylish handbag that also holds everything my baby needs", and just because my bag might be carrying all sorts of toys, containers of milk, binkies, and chewing toys, the outside doesn't need to look juvenile either!  At no cost to facilitate this review, I was sent this Amelie bag from Mia Tui, and now I can't wait to show you these refreshingly chic, gorgeous bags from their collection of bags for ... ...continue reading