Baby Cargo Georgi Bag Review and Giveaway!

Today we’re bringing you a bag that is truly fit for a fashionista like Kate Middleton!
The Baby Cargo Georgi bag is a functional stroller bag that is so chic!
When I first saw the Baby Cargo Georgi Bag, I swooned!  I love a great bag, and the Georgi Bag looked so stylish and different than any other diaper bag I’d seen.  I was fortunate enough to receive a Georgi Bag (free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion) in Ocean/Wave to review for our #Fit4aPrincess event.
Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

When I picked up the package from Baby Cargo, I thought they may have forgotten to include the Georgi Bag – that’s how lightweight this bag is.  The material is thin, easy to wipe, and super light weight.  I have several diaper bags and consider myself a bit of a diaper bag connoisseur, and I can honestly say that this is one of the lightest bags I’ve carried.

I adore the look of this bag.  It’s modern, super chic, and just screams “I’m not just any old diaper bag!”. The Georgi Bag is available in four great color combinations: Ocean/Wave, Chile/Tangerine, Moonless Night, and Ash/Violet.  All of the colors are fairly gender neutral, and even my husband would carry this bag without a complaint.  I chose Ocean/Wave, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  The outside of the bag is mainly ocean (royal blue), with a hint of wave (turquoise) peeking through in the pockets (and interior).

Baby Cargo Georgi Bag
The outside of the bag has 5 pockets: 2 bottle pockets (one on each side), a large zippered pocket to keep your valuables safe, and two elasticized slip pockets for those items you want to keep within easy reach.  The bottle pockets are hidden by brass zippers that add a super stylish detail.  I love that the pockets are hidden when not in use.  When you do have a bottle (or sippy as picture below) in the pocket, you won’t be able to zip it, but that’s perfectly okay with me.
Baby Cargo Georgi Bag
The main compartment of the bag has a zipper closure.  I love (love, love!) the turquoise lining.  It adds such an awesome splash of color!  There are 7 (yes, SEVEN!) interior pockets in the Georgi Bag.  According to Baby Cargo, the pockets are designated: 1 lipstick, 1 wallet, 1 phone, 1 pair of sunglasses, 2 diaper pockets and 1 changing pad pocket.  Although the bag is mainly flat by nature, it’s definitely roomy enough to hold all of your essentials.  You can see in the photo below I was able to fit 4 cloth diapers, a wetbag, wipes, cleaning solution, food pouches, toys, extra clothing, and more in my Georgi Bag.

Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

A matching changing pad is also included with this great bag.  It’s made of the same coordinating, easy-to-wipe fabric as the interior lining of the bag.  It’s lightly padded and just big enough to be functional, yet not take up too much precious real estate in your bag.
Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

Let’s talk about the Georgi Bag’s functionality.  You may have noticed those two large rings at the top of the bag.  These ingenious grommets are perfectly placed to slip right onto the handle of your umbrella stroller!  This is such an amazing feature, especially since many umbrella strollers have a teeny tiny cargo basket (or no basket at all).

Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

What if you’re not using your umbrella stroller, or your stroller doesn’t have two handles?  Well, Baby Cargo has you covered too!  The strap of the Georgi Bag has snaps in place so you can easily loop it around your stroller’s handlebar and be hands free.

Baby Cargo Georgi Bag


The Georgi Bag’s strap is also fully adjustable so you can wear this bag as a shoulder bag, or cross-body style.  I love being hands free so I’m definitely a cross-body gal!  The only downside I can see to this bag is that there isn’t any padding on the shoulder strap, but that certainly isn’t a deal breaker for me, especially since the bag is so lightweight to begin with!
Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Georgi Bag.  It’s lightweight, easy to clean, functional, and it looks fabulous!  I’d definitely recommend this stylish bag to anyone looking for a great diaper bag!

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Disclosure: I received the Baby Cargo Georgi Bag at no cost in exchange for providing my
honest opinion.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may differ from yours.
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