Little Monsters Cloth Diapers Review!

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Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

Disclosure: This is a product review.  I received a diaper for free from Little Monsters to facilitate this review.

Little Monsters was started by a stay at home mom who was fed up with her little one getting rashes from disposable diapers.  She decided to produce a line of adorable, high-quality diapers that would be beneficial for our environment and our children.  She also loved the idea of decorating those cute little bums!

Little Monsters has a super adorable collection of pocket diapers that are available in either solid colors or with their original designs embroiled onto the back.  I was sent “Giraffe” for review.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

So cute isn’t it?!  This is a one-size pocket diaper with an outside made of soft, waterproof PUL.  There are four rise settings with two rows of waist snaps (10 snaps in each row).  Each tab has 3 snaps on it (2 waist snaps and 1 hip snap to prevent wing droop).  There are also crossover snaps to accommodate smaller babies.  Below are photos of the diaper showing each rise setting.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

This diaper is designed to fit babies from 9-35 pounds.  In the photos below the diaper is snapped down to the smallest settings.  It’s leg openings are slightly more generous than some other one-size diapers which is probably why they specify 9 instead of 7 pounds.   I think this diaper would likely fit a 9+ pound baby very well.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

The inside of the diaper is made from super soft, stay-dry polyester microfleece.  One triple-layer microfiber insert is included with the Little Monsters cloth diaper.  This insert may or may not be absorbent enough depending on how much your child normally wets.  There is a pocket opening in the back of the diaper for you to stuff your insert.  The pocket channel is wide and very easy to stuff, which is especially great if you do find yourself needing a bit more absorbency.  You’ll have plenty of room to double up microfiber inserts or add a hemp insert if necesssary.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

In terms of fit, we were able to get a great fit with our Little Monsters pocket diaper.  The leg and back elastic is gentle enough not to leave deep red marks, but still contains messes.  My little guy is currently 10 months old and a little over 22 pounds and we still have plenty of room to grow in our Little Monsters diaper.

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers

Overall, Little Monster diapers are super adorable and great fitting cloth diapers!  The quality is great and the embroidery is fantastic.  I did have to add a hemp insert underneath the microfiber insert for extra protection against leaks since my little guy is a bit of a super soaker, but the standard insert may be adequate if you have a light wetter or smaller baby.

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Disclosure: I received this item for free in order to perform a review and publish my opinion.  No monetary compensation was received.

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    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

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  55. I'm not sure I could choose a favorite.. they are all so cute! I really love the Lion and the Giraffe diapers! :)

  56. I’m not sure I could choose a favorite.. they are all so cute! I really love the Lion and the Giraffe diapers! :)

  57. I'm not sure I could choose a favorite.. they are all so cute! I really love the Lion and the Giraffe diapers! :)

  58. I'm not sure I could choose a favorite.. they are all so cute! I really love the Lion and the Giraffe diapers! :)

  59. I'm not sure I could choose a favorite.. they are all so cute! I really love the Lion and the Giraffe diapers! :)

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    masugr at yahoo dot com

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  231. Those are a great quality handmade diaper.

  232. lindy bee giordano says:

    They sound so much easier than when I had my daughter 21 yrs ago. lol Id give anything to be able to try these out. Babies coming <3

  233. I like that these diapers are affordable and attractive!

  234. Maricela Esparza says:

    I just go my first little monsters diaper yesterday and wasn’t sure how to use it. I put the insert into the pocket and put right on my daughter. Love it. But I just have a few questions. Can you reuse it after it has been pottied on? Meaning can I just put the insert to wash and still keep using the shell through out the day or am I suppose to wash both the shell and insert? Someone please help?

    Thanks in advance. :-)

    • Hi Maricela! Great question! With a pocket diaper (like the Little Monster), you’ll need to wash the entire system. The inner part of the diaper gets soiled each time the baby urinates or poop, then the pee/poop soaks through to the insert. So, the whole diaper is then dirty.

      With an all-in-two system (a cover/shell and an insert) you can reuse the cover if it isn’t wet/soiled.

      Does that make sense? You can also read my post about cloth diapering for more info:

      • Maricela says:

        Thank you Ruth, so much for responding. It makes total sense. I only have one diaper for my daughter so far, but I cannot wait till I get my second one.

  235. Dorothy Boucher says:

    i really like these diapers, i like the way there made , there safe and i don’t have to worry about them leaking.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143