Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier Review

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Moby GO – the new carrier created by the makers of the Moby Wrap!

Moby GO

Moby Wrap Inc. was founded in 2003 by parents who are passionate about babywearing. They set out to create a comfortable, secure and versatile way to carry infants and introduced the award winning Moby Wrap.  After listening to feedback from parents who wanted to continue babywearing after their babies outgrew their wraps, Moby created the Moby GO to support larger infants and toddlers.

A few weeks ago I told you how much I love my Moby Wrap.  When I heard that Moby Wrap Inc. created a soft structured carrier I couldn’t wait to try it!

The Moby GO was created to accommodate babies and toddlers ranging from 15-45 pounds.  As with the Moby Wrap that we know and love, the Moby GO offers ergonomically correct positioning for both wearer and baby.  You can still keep your growing baby close while being on the GO!

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

There are wide shoulder straps and the cross-shoulder design evenly distributes your child’s weight.  The shoulder straps aren’t padded like many other soft structured carriers so it’s very reminiscent of wearing a wrap.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

The baby is in a seated position with their legs spread and supported to the knee to prevent hip dysplasia.  There is a high back to this carrier so it will definitely accommodate older, taller babies.  In these photos, my 7 month old is 19 pounds and 27.75 inches tall.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

The Moby GO has easy to reach, adjustable side buckles to ensure a great fit.  There is a dual foam adjustable waist belt that provides support and comfort for the wearer.  It adjusts from 26 to 54 inches so most caregivers will not have any problem wearing the Moby GO.  There is also a nice padded feature to the leg openings for baby’s comfort.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

The adjustable side buckles and waist buckle have an elastic safety catch so that if the buckle were to come undone, your carrier and baby would remain safely in place.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

The padded waist belt also has a utility feature so you can hook necessities to it when you’re out and about.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

Another wonderful feature of this carrier is the hood.  Tucked into a pocket on the front of the carrier is a full hood – not just a piece of fabric that snaps to the carrier.  This hood will provide your baby with extra warmth or protection from the elements.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

The hood is attached with hook and loop and there are 3 different rows of loop so you can easily adjust the height of the hood.  The hood is also completely removable, leaving you with a large roomy pocket for storage.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

Even with the hood folded inside the pocket, I still have room for essentials like my phone, keys, credit cards, and cash.  Although you wouldn’t want to stuff too much in there as this will be right up against the baby’s back.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

This carrier was designed as a front carry carrier, but I was able to accomplish a back carry with the straps crossed in the front.  I don’t know how comfortable this would be if you had a larger chest though.

Overall, I think this is a great soft structured carrier at a fantastic price point of $79.95.  The Moby GO is fully adjustable so both mom and dad (or any caregiver) will be able to wear it without difficulties, both achieving a perfect fit.  My baby seemed very comfortable in an ergonomically correct position and I felt like he was very secure.

Moby GO Soft Structured Carrier

Connect:  You can connect with Moby Wraps on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Buy it: You can purchase the Moby GO on their website in either black or gray for $79.95, or you can purchase Moby GO baby carrier on Amazon.

Win it: The fabulous people at Moby Wrap have offered to give one lucky person a Moby GO!

Open to the US only and ends on 2/10 at 11:59 PM.

WINNER: Holly L. 

Disclosure: I received this item at no cost to facilitate this review.  Amazon links are affiliate links. 

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  1. Looks nice! I've got one coming in the mail to me right now and after reading your review I'm even more excited to try it out! My son LOVES being carried and this looks pretty comfy for both of us! Thanks!!

  2. Love it! Isn't he a cutie & he looks so comfortable! :)

  3. Ok really the Hood is what sells it that is AWESOME!

  4. Your little man looks so cute and comfortable in this! I like that it has padded leg openings and that it has a hood!!

  5. I love that it has extra storage for keys and stuff!! That is a definitely selling point for me

  6. I love how wide the criss cross straps are.

  7. This is great for bigger babies! Good back support too.

  8. Would love to try one of these! I love the adjustable hood and that there's extra room for stuff in the pocket.

  9. This looks awesome! The carrier I have right now doesn't have a waist strap, so all the weight just hangs on my shoulders… extremely uncomfortable, even when my little girl didn't weigh much. This one looks really comfy and durable!

  10. I have and LOVE an Ergo but have always wanted to try out the Moby Wrap. I had no idea they made a carrier as well. Nice to know! Thanks!

  11. I love the look of the cross back straps. Looks super comfy. Your little man is adorable in it too!

  12. This looks like an amazing carrier, and you, my dear, also look super great- one would never be able to tell you had a baby in the past year! :-)

  13. Very affordable option. Like that the straps cross! Would love to see it compared to the Ergo and Boba carriers that are similar (the Boba Air, and I forget the new Ergo comparable) specifically for carrier comfortability for extended periods.

  14. I also love my Moby Wrap, and would love to try the Moby Go… After reading your review, I want to go buy one! :)The utility belt and hood seem awesome!

  15. Looks VERY nice! I particularly like the hood set up and the extra cushioning! Definitely an option I'll consider in the future if we need a new carrier. :) Thanks so much for the review!

  16. Very affordable and it looks so much easier than the original one.

  17. the Go can hold up to 45lbs! Wow! that's awesome

  18. Yes, love that the go has a higher weight limit!

  19. you can hold babies all the way up to 45 lbs! woah!

  20. Love the pocket to add stuff and definitely the hooded cover!

  21. I love the extra pocket and its back support.

  22. The new Moby Go is perfect for babies 15 – 45lbs!

  23. I love that it holds up to 45 lbs!

  24. LOVE that the hood pocket holds more stuff!!! and that the back X just like the wrap!

  25. I love the little hood! :)

  26. I love the hood and large pocket–awesome! And the price point is awesome!!

  27. I learned, and love that you can use the Moby go from 15 to 45 pounds!

  28. I learned that there are moby wraps that come in UV styles where the fabric is SPF 50+! That is so awesome!!!

  29. How exciting! It can hold up to 45 lbs! That is really nice that they came out with a product that can carry a larger child!

  30. I learned about the Moby Go: The wide, crossing shoulder straps provide comfort for the wearer, while the dual foam waist belt transfers your child's weight from your back to your hips

  31. Moby is a combination of MOther and baBY. cute.

  32. The carrier holds 15-45lbs!! I LOVE that!! I like the hood too!

  33. I love the pocket that you can stash stuff in! And the wide shoulder straps are great.

  34. Yay! This post became a giveaway! :) I learned that this has a cross-strap design for comfort and support. I'd love to have one of these!

  35. I love the crossing should straps. I know after a while my back will hurt with other carriers. I bet this provides better support. Not to mention the wide straps

  36. Would be awesome, I have the original Moby wrap and would also like to add this one to it for my new baby that is to arrive in May! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome Moby product!

  37. This is fantastic. I too like the crossing straps. I have had an Ergo for 8 years with my oldest. The main issue is the straps. I don't like how they slip at times. This solves the problem! With baby number 5 due at the end of summer it would be perfect!

  38. I would be really interested in trying out a Moby GO, to see how it compares with our Ergo carrier. I have been having issues with my back, and the Ergo seems to make it worse. I'm wondering if the new Moby would work better :)

  39. MobyWrap has a wrap with UV protection on their website too, what a great idea. Now if I win this I just need to remember to take it in the car with me when I will be needing it, this little babe is getting heavy!

  40. I have to admit, the first time I heard about this I wasn't too thrilled that Moby had jumped on the wrap "bandwagon" so to say, but after actually taking the time to look at it :blush: it REALLY looks nice! And a LOT like the original moby! I like that it has the wider shoulder straps and more padding around the back than most other wraps. Sorry for my initial reaction Moby!!!!

  41. Looks so comfy! I'm excited to try it some day!

  42. I love the hood & extra space to put some of our necessities in it!

  43. OMGosh! I love that pocket to your "goodies" in!!!

  44. I would love to try this!

  45. Must have for any mommy!!

  46. Just adopted two little boys, this would be great! :)

  47. So fantastic and much less intimidating than the traditional wrap – seems like it will be much easier for using on the go, taking it on and off!

  48. I learned that babies who are worn cry less, what a wonderful gift to give your little one!

  49. This looks so comfortable not just for mom but baby too!

  50. Awesome!

  51. Moby GO has the hood and the little pocket for your things.. brilliant!!

  52. Wow the Moby Go has a weight limit of 45lbs. That would be great since I have larger kids.

  53. I'd never heard of the Moby GO so it was all new to me!

  54. I want one. I love moby products

  55. This looks so cool. I got a Moby Wrap yesterday and LOVE it. I like that this one has a place to store things.

  56. I learned it holds a child up to 45lbs

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I love the crisscross shoulder design.

  59. My favorite thing I learned was about the adjustable hood. I love that!

  60. I am part of a babywearing group and have lots of mamas interested in trying it out. This would be a great addition to our lending library!

  61. It has a nice hooded cover that is adjustable. I also like the ergonomical design of the straps so weight is distributed evenly. That is one reason I love my Moby Wrap!

  62. This looks great! I am pregnant with our first daughter and I put a moby wrap on my registry for me but this looks PERFECT for my husband! I know he will not be willing to use the wrap so this would be great for him…and for me as well.

    I love the pictures and the details you provided…I feel like I could get this tomorrow and be a pro!

    ~Katie N

  63. I want one. I love moby products

  64. I love the original Moby wrap! Now that my daughter is getting bigger, we're going to try the kangaroo hold. The Moby Go seems like it would be just as wonderful!

  65. I learned that Moby was only started in 2003! I thought they'd been around way longer than that.

  66. I love my original Moby!!!! I'm so exited Moby came out with a soft structured! Can't wait to try it!!

  67. I am really intrigued by the wide un padded, crossed straps. This might be an SSC I'll actually like in a front carry.

  68. Makes me want to trade in my wrap and upgrade to the new Go!!!

  69. I bought myself a moby wrap and me and my 3mo old love it! No more sore shoulders or back aches! Now my hubby wants one and imve got my eyes on the MobyGo! I hope we win one :)

  70. I've been looking for a carrier that wont cut into my shoulders and this one looks like it would be perfect!

  71. Looks very comfortable! I love my moby wrap, but really can't wait to try the moby go!

  72. i like that it adjusts to fit both mum and dad. my husband is bigger than i am. a lot of the carriers that i've seen, you have to pick a size. we would never fit in the same one, so we'd have to buy one for each of us. that is definitely a selling point for me.

  73. Loving the looks of this, especially the pocket!

  74. I have seen this before on their website but it was only through your review that I saw how it adjusted and the "pouch" for the "essentials" which makes me like it even more.

  75. I love thebonding time you have while carryingthe baby in a Moby!

  76. Like the Moby, now for bigger kids!

  77. I got my Moby and was so happy that I got another for when the first was in the wash! I was thrilled with being able to do things with both hands again! Like going to the bathroom, lol.

  78. I loved my Moby wrap and am excited to have an easy-to-use, comfortable option for my toddler. I learned that the carrier has a high back to accommodate taller babies, and that it has an awesome hood with 3 hook & loop strips to adjust for your baby. So neat!

  79. I love the moby wrap and the moby go looks just as awesome! Love the storage!

  80. This looks a lot less complicated than the carrier I already have. I have been wanting a moby I hope win.

  81. I like that it doesn't have padded straps so that it fits snugly like a wrap, not a carrier.

  82. This carrier looks fantastic! The hood would come in handy in sunny Louisiana :)

  83. I learned that the MobyGo can go up to 45lbs! Wow! I'd love to win – our 6 weeks old loves to be "worn"!

  84. I love my moby wrap and can't wait to try one of these!

  85. I found it fascinating that baby-wearing actually promotes independence. You hear all the time — particularly from the older generation — not to "coddle" your baby because it will cause them to be overly dependent later on. I'm glad I finally have a comeback for that nonsense!

    I love my Moby Wrap and am super excited about the new Moby Go!

  86. It looks so comfy for mamma AND baby!

  87. I learned that a mobygo can hold 10 more pounds than an original wrap, so if you have a bigger baby like me you might get more wear out of it!

  88. I love the back support the MoBy Go provides definitely a plus!

  89. I love the back support the MoBy Go provides definitely a plus!

  90. I am very excited to learn about the pocket. I never have a place to put my wallet!

  91. I love the neat features in the GO! I still occasionally use my Moby Wrap with my toddler but he's right under the weight limit for it…

  92. Pretty awesome!

  93. Babywearing reduces the risk of SIDS.

  94. I love that this works for larger babies. My Moby wrap just isn't working as well as our son is better bigger…

  95. I had no idea that the carrier held up to 45 pounds! That's incredible.

  96. I had no idea that babywearing reduced the incidence of SIDS! I'm even more determined to make babywearing a daily thing now for my 3 week old!

  97. Digging the adjustable hood. Great for changing weather!

  98. The GO holds 15-45 lbs! It would be perfect for both my LOs!!

  99. I didn't know the Moby GO also came in designs (barberry)! That along with the storage and hood, this is a must have! Plus if we had a Moby Go Daddy would actually wear our 17 month old while our 7 week old is with mommy in our Moby!

  100. I would love to win this great new Moby Go – I have a Moby Wrap and my little girl is getting quite big and heavy for it 😉 :). Thanks!!!

  101. The Moby GO can hold babies up to 45lbs!!!

  102. I would love to use this once my 5 week old hits the 15 lb mark (we are at 12lbs).

  103. The Moby GO's 45 pound max weight limit will mean I can wear my toddler for another year or more! (she's almost two, and a lean 25 pounds!).

  104. I love my regular Moby. I can see myself using this new Moby GO as my baby is growing larger

  105. i want one! i'm due the end of march and would love to have a moby go to use after using the moby wrap when she is a tiny babe.

  106. I learned that it feels a lot like wearing a wrap bc the shoulder straps are just fabric without padding. This carrier looks very comfortable! I would love tidier it with my 6 month old!

  107. I learned that my very expensive baby bjorn carrier isnt very good for my baby/toddlers hips. I love my Moby wrap so Id love to have a Moby GO next!

  108. I learned that moby is short for mother and baby

  109. I have a 9 month old that loves to go everywhere I do…even around the house! I would LOVE to win this!

  110. The shoulders on the "GO" criss cross for better support.

  111. I learned they now carry the Dolcino woven wraps. I did not know this.

  112. I learned the weight limit on the MobyGO is 45 pounds, so this would last my now 10 month old a long time!

  113. I like that there is a hood that can be folded inside the pocket and there is still room for small essentials.

  114. I like the padded leg openings!

  115. I really like the fact that it accomidates larger sizes, and that you can adjust the straps to accomidate nursing on the go! My daughter would loves to be worn in this!

  116. I learned that MOBBY comes from MOther & baBY! How neat!

  117. I learned that the MobyGO can be used up to 45lbs especially because I have big babies!

  118. I learned that the MobyGO can be used up to 45 pounds! That could carry my 5 year old too!!

  119. Love this!

  120. I love the support on the back with the straps. Looks great

  121. Love the easy Go design with the wrap feel!

  122. The Moby Gi comes in two neutral colors, gray and black.

  123. luv it

  124. I love this new Moby product! I’ve been a faithful Moby customer for years and can’t wait to try this new one!

  125. I learned that the Moby Go comes in two cool colors and can hold up to 45 pounds!

  126. The Moby GO looks ssso comfortable and safe!

  127. i love that it has a hood that doubles as a usable pocket area

  128. I love that you can adjust the height of the hood on the MobyGo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. I learned that carrying you baby can reduce crying who wouldn’t love that!!

  130. I love the pocket feature and the ease of use.

  131. Learned that you can have all the comfort of the original with the go and that its adjustable!!

  132. I learned that babies carried around in wraps have more advanced social skills than those caried around in carriers.

  133. I'm very excited to have come across this carrier (and the give away!). I was looking into getting an ergo or mei Tai, but was less than thrilled at the cost. We love our original moby, so I think I'll be investing in the new moby go :)

  134. I love that the weight limit for the Moby Go goes up to 45 lbs!
    jbang0331 at yahoo dot com

  135. I love the high weight limit.

  136. It's perfect for babies 15-45 lbs.

  137. I love, love the comfort of Moby Wraps- both for myself and my little one! Have loved them for that itty bitty baby stage :)

  138. The moby go has a hood.

  139. the criscros back support.. AWESOME!

  140. Awe what a cute way to care the bambino!

  141. I learned that the Moby Go comes in two different colors, black and gray.

  142. On their website, I saw a little boy wearing a kid moby wrap with a baby doll, but I never actually saw the product. The picture though melted my heart!

  143. Moby is for smaller babies and Moby Go is for bigger babies.

  144. extra room to put keys and such

  145. I learned that the moby GO existed! I love that it has the wide straps and crosses in the back. I also love the padded leg openings!

  146. I didn't even know that moby made a soft structure carrier. I love that the straps cross in the back.

  147. I love wearing my 7 week old in the regular Moby but were not to the point of putting it on alone, we still need helo. With hubs going back to work soon, this would be great!!!

  148. I'm surprised it can carry up to 45 pounds. My 5-year-old just barely weighs that!

  149. Love that it has a pocket and good back support. Would love to try this!

  150. I didn't know they had prints when I bought mine.

  151. For babies 15-45 lbs. Looks very comfortable to wear.

  152. I loved the adjustable hood! I did not know that :) That’s a super cool feature! I love following Moby Wrap on Facebook. They have so many neat ideas and safety reminds they put out there on an almost weekly basis!

  153. love that its ergonomic and has the pouch

  154. I love the Moby Go. I have never seen it. I also love the hood with a zipper pocket.

  155. Moby GO has a hood! Great for super sunny or rainy days :)

  156. I learned that it can be used for babies from 15 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds!

  157. I really like the hood on the Moby Go…we do a lot of walking, and have gotten caught in the rain, and the sun…many times, this would come in handy, much better than the blanket we drag out!

  158. I never knew Moby carried woven wraps too!

  159. until today I didn’t know the moby go existed! cool to learn that they don’t just make the long, adjustable wrap, but a quick solution too!

  160. Moby Go comes in two different colors! :)

  161. I learned that it’s for babies 15-45 pounds. I like the strap crossing feature!

  162. I like the cross straps and the side buckles to keep baby safe

  163. Learned that the Moby Go can carry a child up to 45lbs! :)

  164. I love the adjustable hood and the zipper pouch! Also the simple criss cross straps!

  165. I love the different colors and that it has a zipper pouch.

  166. UP TO 45 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. It's good for older babies and toddlers

  168. That they go up to 45lbs! awesome!

  169. Babies up to 45 pounds and comes in two colors.

  170. They have a new carried Moby Go that is best for children/babies 15-45 pounds.

  171. I absolutely love my Moby Wrap! I didn't know the have a carrier. Which I am glad to know because the hubby wants to baby wear but can't get the hang of the wrap.

  172. I learned that the Moby Go holds babies up to 45 lbs.

  173. It holds babies and toddlers because of the large size range

  174. good for babies from 15-45 lbs!

  175. The wide criss cross straps look so comfy! My LO is long in the torso and the height of this carrier seems perfect!

  176. i learned the moby go can cary 15-45lb child. …not sure i'd want to be carrying around a 45lb child!

  177. Moby GO is perfect for babies 15-45 lbs. – what a great range!

  178. I have the regular Moby wrap, and used it in the beginning and it worked fine for that. Now I use my Beco Gemini (or ring sling)…the criss cross of the Moby GO reminds me of that, because that's how I wear those straps. I'd be interested in comparing the two. Anyway, I learned that babywearing can reduce the risks of illnesses in both mother (PPD) and baby!

  179. The Moby wrap is 5.5 meters long!

  180. Learned the Moby GO is Perfect for babies 15 – 45lbs.

  181. The Moby Go has a neat storage pocket to keep those essentials!

  182. I have an original Moby and love it, but once they hit a specific weight it tends to sag so this is great. I learned (and love) it has easy to reach buckles on it, I have a hard time reaching buckles on some of the other carriers I have tried.

  183. I didn't realize you could breastfeed while wearing one of these carriers! Awesome news! I could really use this :)

  184. The new moby go looks great! I am sure it will be a popular carrier! I hope they release more colors, but i do like the two tone grey that you reviewed.

  185. I learned what MOBY stands for MOBY (MOther & baBY)

  186. The easy to reach side buckles. And how nice it looks in black. I love the black one

  187. The moby can be used up to 45 lbs!

  188. I love my moby wrap! It makes life so much easier. Excited moby had a product for bigger babies. I can wear my toddler now!

  189. I love that the Go is the Moby quality with a little less of a learning curve :)

  190. i learned that the moby can grow with my child.

  191. I like how the GO allows for 10 more pounds than the Wrap. It also seems like it will be more likely to get it “right” since the Wrap never feels just right when baby is in.

  192. I learned that you can use it for a child that is up to 45 lbs.

  193. I love the new carrier, and love that it has a hood!

  194. I learned they also carry doll woby wraps and matching hats

  195. I love that the Go has a higher weight limit and a hood! I currently have the wrap which is nice for around the house, but I think the Go would be better when out and about!

    Lolli S

  196. Love the hood and the higher weight limit. I can use it for both of my kids if I need to!

  197. I learned that the Moby GO is for 15 – 45 lbs.

  198. I didn't know it went up to 45lbs. That would work with my toddler!

  199. Reading the safety tips, The weight limit, that you can breastfeed wearing them (read that one on another site) and checked out the moby go, i wansn't aware moby made a soft shell wrap.

  200. I learned they come in awesome colors and prints

  201. My husband would love this as much as I do! 😀

  202. I learned that they have so much useful information on their site! Like detailed instructions on how to wear your baby in many different holds – including videos! They also show you how you can exercise while wearing your baby!

  203. I learned that they have so much useful information on their site! Like detailed instructions on how to wear your baby in many different holds – including videos! They also show you how you can exercise while wearing your baby!

  204. I love the hood! And the weight limit is so great that it can be used for a long time!

  205. aligns baby with gravity (mommy and baby) = MOBY

  206. I learned that they have a pocket on the front! So awesome!

  207. I learned that Slings are worn diagonally across just one shoulder placing the weight of the baby on that one shoulder. Most front packs have narrow straps, buckles, or rings, which often cause discomfort or can bend/break :o)

  208. I learned that you can wear babies from 15 to 45 pounds!

  209. i learned that the go can hold kiddos up to 45 lbs!! perfect! thank you so much for the giveaway! we have loved our moby wrap- i would love to try their newest addition!!

  210. I learned that this carrier will work for my daughter for awhile since it goes up to 45 lbs.

  211. love that it can hold older kids up to 45 lbs!

  212. I never realized it had a pocket or that it could hold up to 45 lbs!

  213. I had no clue that you could workout or do yoga while wearing your baby! How neat is that?

  214. looks like a good ssc :)

  215. I learned that the weight limit is 45 lbs. That’s huge!

  216. Looks a lot more accomodating in the leg region than most. Much better for baby’s hips!

  217. The new GO looks awesome and the weight range is impressive from 15–45 lbs.

  218. The Moby GO is "perfect for babies 15 – 45 lbs."

    I like that it seems more secure!

  219. moby go is Perfect for babies 15 – 45 lbs.

  220. I like the storage pocket.

  221. I learned that they have an organic Moby :-)

  222. I learned that A baby can sense a wearer’s hesitance when using the wrap. Babies who “don’t like being wrapped” actually enjoy it (and fall fast asleep) when carried by an experienced babywearer.

  223. I learned the weight limit on the Moby GO is 45 pounds.

  224. THIS IS AWESOME! I had no idea it existed!

  225. Makes moms life so much easier.

  226. You and the baby look so happy! I'm so glad this goes up to 45 lbs.

  227. I love that it has a high back for toddlers!!

  228. I learned that the Moby GOO has an ergonomic seat design and the prints are so cute!

  229. love that they fit to 45lbs! I had a moby wrap and my guy outgrew it

  230. I love that it’s lightweight!

  231. I love that this new carrier is crossed in the back! I love that!

  232. I learned that Moby had this new carrier – I hadn't heard of th eGO before.

  233. I learned that you can use the moby go for babies 15-45 lbs!

  234. I didn't know there was a moby go but I like the cross back straps on it.

  235. Moby has been around since 2003. Cool 😀 Thanks for having this giveaway!

  236. I had no idea there are lower incidences of illness just from babywearing. Very cool, Moby!

  237. i learned that it was started by parents and the moby go holds up to 45 lbs

  238. They hold up to 45 lbs?!?! Not sure how comfortable that would be for mom but great that they are constructed strong enough for that!

  239. moby’s are awesome

  240. they seem to always have something for someone it amazes me!

  241. looks very easy to use!

  242. I had no idea Moby made a carrier! I love the wide shoulder straps, the hood, the storage pocket, the higher weight limit!

  243. I had no idea Moby made a SSC!

  244. Love the storage for keys, binks or whatever!

  245. wow that's cool

  246. Wrap is for smaller babies, and GO is for a little bit bigger!

  247. I learned that the MOBY name is a combot of MOther & baBY – who knew?!? Thanks!

  248. I learned that Moby Wraps are for babies 8–35 lbs, Moby GO are for babies 15–45 lbs. Two stages that people should be aware about esp if your child is close to the second stage Moby Go wraps :D. Thank you for the giveaway

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  252. The wrap is for babies 8–35 lbs and the GO for babies 15–45 lbs.

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  256. It’s for babies 15-45 pounds

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  258. moby yoga! so cool to beable to wear baby & do yoga!

  259. I appreciate that the waist size limits are noted on this one, it's not something I often see discussed on buckle carriers! (26-54")

  260. I learned that the Moby Go will fit parents of all heights and weights! That's always a good thing!

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  271. I learned that the Wrap is for babies 8–35 lbs and the GO is for babies 15–45 lbs

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  286. They're made in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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  289. I learned they make a pouch that fits over baby to keep her warm while you're wearing her – I've always just cobbled together something out of a blanket…

  290. I learned they hold babies up to 45lbs. Perfect for my 18month old!

  291. I learned it holds up to 45lbs. Perfect for my 18month old!

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  293. I learned that the name MOBY is from MOther and baBY…Very cool.

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  331. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have a woven wrap that kind of works, but since I am overweight, I struggle with it properly supporting the baby.

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  352. I am so excited that this is affordable for people who are on tight budgets! It definitely isn’t well-known throughout babywearers since Ergo is the ‘top dog’, but this is cheaper and still does the job perfectly! I am super slowly saving up to get one (or hopefully win one!!)

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  365. I love that it has a high back! My son is pretty tall for his age, and not all carriers have a high enough back for him. Looks like the MobyGo has combined the best traits of a wrap and a SSC!

  366. This looks like a really good option – I have a chronic back injury, so I'm always trying to find ways to tote the Ducklings without aggravating my back.

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    Angela Rhodes Ingles
    nofearpapertiger AT

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  404. I fell in love with my Moby infant wrap when my baby was a newborn. My husband was deployed at the time, and the Moby wrap was an "extra set of hands" to help me get through the day. I was able to shop for groceries, do dishes, fold laundry, even get started on my post-natal workouts with baby in the moby. He has outgrown it, and I would love to have a toddler carrier from Moby. Daddy

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  417. I"m a big fan of the moby wrap. I am currently using my jersey moby wrap with #3, and I am loving the GO!

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  420. It looks so comfortable! I love the crossed shoulder straps!

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  422. So many great features! I love how high the back goes! I have a very tall 3 month old, and sometimes his head is a bit wobbly still,but a lot of carriers have too short of a back to support him and I have to hold his head.

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  424. this looks so comfy for both you and baby! i love the wide shoulder straps,the hood,the pocket and pretty much everything!

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  430. I would love one of these. I was given a "crotch dangler" carrier for my dd, and it was awful. Very uncomfortable, and when I found out how bad it was for baby, I quit using it. And being able to breastfeed while wearing baby is a great bonus!

  431. Your review was thorough! Love that you took the time to take and add pictures of all the different features, instead of simply describing them. My only concern is the lack of "natural positioning" with this carrier.

    I'll have to look a bit further into which carrier is best physically for baby, but if the legs apart and facing Mama is consider safe and healthy I will

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    -Hannah Avery

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  441. Great review! …and thank you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Moby but my big thing, now that babe is more curious, is that babe turns and leans back and I feel like her head is always hanging back. You included the h/w of your baby, which is similar to mine, and I instantly felt this was the right purchase (we ordered but haven't received). I hadn't read a review where someone showed a picture of

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  443. I would love to have a soft structured carrier for my little one. It would be easier than my wrap if I need to take her in and out a lot.

  444. I love the fact that this carrier has a built in hood. So many times I have had to cover my baby's head with a blanket to protect her from the elements. Great idea!

  445. I love that it holds up to 45 pounds. There are some days when I would want to carry my 3 year old and he's already 35 lbs — too heavy for some carriers.

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    Dee Mauser

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  454. I didn't realize what a great SSC this was! Love the cross back – great support, spares the world of your back fat, and I can never clip my chest clip behind me on my other brand SSC!

  455. I love our Moby stretchy wrap, but have not had the chance to try a Moby GO, would definitely love to though. They look like they have the nice wide seat for best hip posture!

  456. Comfy

  457. Love that it has a hood & a little storage pocket!

  458. I think it looks like a really nice carrier. I like the wide straps as a smaller woman who the normal SSCs shoulder straps don't fit. I wish it was also designed for back carries.

  459. This was so informative! Being able to see how it works in detail is very nice. We tried 4 different carries with my DS who is 4 1/2 months old and settled on NONE! Thank you for this review! This would be one I would try!

  460. I got to try this on recently – was surprised by what a great carrier it was!

  461. I love that the straps cross in the back. So many people ask which carriers do that!

  462. I think it is so neat that they make carriers that come with hoods to protect the littles from rain or snow! I also think it is a fantastic feature to have a storage pocket of some kind. It is difficult to try and carry a purse at the same time!

  463. i love that the shoulder straps aren’t padded and feel more like wearing a wrap. i definitely prefer that!

  464. It was great that you observed that with the Moby GO, the baby is in a seated position with their legs spread and supported to the knee to prevent hip dysplasia. I think this is important to remember as the child should be just as comfortable, if not more, than the adult wearing the carrier.

  465. I love how they can accommodate babies up to 45 pounds and the hood has a zipper for essentials – neat!

  466. I like that this is designed for older babies/toddlers. I like the adjustable hood and wide straps. Very nice!

  467. Interesting. I would have thought a carrier designed for up to 45 lbs would be easily worn on the back as well.

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  469. loving the little storage compartment im all for pockets and secret little compartments but i think this one is a tad bit wide for my taste but its cute tho i give it that!

  470. Looks awesome! I like that they have wide shoulder straps to distribute the baby's weight evenly. I also like the pocket for essentials. Baby carriers have come a long way in just the few short years that I've become a parent. It's pretty exciting :)

  471. Weight distribution is important to me since I have a bad back. I love the wipe straps and the clever compartment to keep necessities.

  472. I like that the carrier has a nice seat for baby with the legs supported. I'd like for the carrier to have slightly padded straps though.

  473. Thanks for the review. I dislike the original Moby, it doesn't have enough give for my liking. This seems to be another reasonable option. It's a bummer I likely would not be able to back carry with it, as that is my most comfortable carrying position.

  474. I love my moby wrap, but this looks so easy to use, while still being comfortable for mommy and baby!

  475. I really like that the hood is adjustable. Also, I like that the belt is padded for extra comfort.

  476. We find Moby Go to be very comfortable for front carries! We just wish it had a back carry option and then it would be really perfect. :)

  477. Great looking carrier! I love the simplicity of it and the handy zippered pocket. The pocket is one feature I wish my Beco carrier had. Thanks for the review!

  478. I love that the straps cross over the back. I have always found that more comfortable and supportive. I also like that the hood has adjustable heights.

  479. Interesting hood/pocket. I've never seen another carrier with a hood like that!

  480. I really like the multiple hood adjustments and the pocket for accessories.

  481. I like the idea of the wrap-like straps, but I wonder how comfortable they are? At least with a wrap, you can adjust the width and where the straps lay on your shoulders. I've had issues with painful shoulders with non-padded straps before. I also like the idea of the waist-area hook spot, but I can't imagine it is very easy to reach when you have a baby on you…

  482. I love the support it offers, which is extremely important when carrying your child

  483. Great review. I didn't realize it was really just a front carry carrier. Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like a nice, comfy carrier

  484. That looks so comfortable. I would love to have one of these. I didn't know how many different colors they had.

  485. I like the hood and the pocket for essentials. I wonder if it is not super for infants. Your (at the time) seventh month old looks a little hidden by the carrier.

  486. Really loved your review! Great info!!!

  487. I have 2 Mobys…I have been curious about this kind!

  488. I love that this criss-crosses in the back! I think that would make for a comfier carry for me. And you really can't be that price, either!

  489. I love the cris-cross straps on the back. And I also like that they're so thick. This will keep it from feeling like it cuts into your soft skin!

  490. I'd like to try a carrier with straps that cross. It looks like they connect to the body pretty low too, which would be great to avoid rubbing in the armpits (a problem I have sometimes.)

  491. I haven't tried any baby carriers yet, but I like the idea of the Moby wrap. This definitely looks like something that I would try after baby is too heavy for the wrap. I like the hood and pocket. I wonder how the comfort (for mama) compares to other soft structured carriers.

  492. thsione is differnt you can stah mom stuff as well as the baby thing and then it mesh so it give themir around them

  493. Love this carrier! I like that there is a place to put my keys.

  494. I learned that it has great storage for my stuff.
    Linda Finn

  495. I just bought a Used Moby wrap! I didn't know they made carriers to. This is great news for when DD gets older. First she needs to be born!

  496. The strap crossing feature is a great one that I never would have thought of. They have put great thought into the comfort and safety of both the carrier and carried. I especially love the pocket and hood. You can't possibly think of anything better than the features already on it!

  497. Love the cross-back! Looks really comfy!

  498. I have been wanting to try out this carrier since it came out. We had a moby wrap, and would love to try more from the brand.

  499. I really like the pocket that it has to hold my keys and other little essentials.

  500. Go to know Moby has entered the world of SSC’s! My moby was, like many moms, my first “real”(read: ergonomic) baby carrier, I loved being able to have my son feel so secure and close! But eventually babies get to heavy for the moby, so this is a nice choice for older babies!

  501. My babies have lived in their Moby wraps, the SSC looks very comfortable. I’m not normally one for buckles but like you said, the straps look like they would feel much more like wearing a wrap than a buckled carrier.

  502. This looks like a SSC that I’d be able to use (I’m very small framed & any others are way too big & bulky on me).

  503. This looks like a great first carrier! I'd love to try this one with my first. I love the thick padding and storage pockets for mom or baby. The color choices are great too!!

  504. I like that it comes with a pocket for keys, wallet, etc.

  505. I like how the straps cross over in the back. Looks comfy.

  506. I love the rain hood! I did order one and we struggle to use it. My 6-month-old doesn't like that she can't see over the top easily. I am considering returning it, but haven't decided. She will get taller, but I worry that she will continue to dislike it.

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    Angela Rhodes Ingles
    nofearpapertiger AT Gmail dot com

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