Memory-Making with Pearhead – Review and Upcoming Giveaway

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Pearhead items

I love documenting all of my sweet baby girl’s big moments and even the itty bitty ones too. So I was really excited to partner with Pearhead for this review! They are a company that loves to help you capture those special moments to enjoy now and reminisce about later. Pearhead has everything from belly casting kits to adorable record books. You will be sure to find all your memory making needs with this company!

Pearhead Age Blocks

Taking pictures of my daughter has become second nature. In fact, I use our camera so much that sometimes I feel like it’s my third hand! That’s why I just loved the idea of Pearhead’s “Age Block Set.”  You can set up these fun blocks next to your child while they show off their adorableness each day, week, month or year. You can capture taking steps, crawling, smiles, and tummy time and never wonder how old your child was during these special times. The picture taking options seem endless! This set comes in blue, pink, or the one I received which was neutral.

Pearhead Who's Cute Babybook

Pearhead Who's Cute Babybook Inside

Their “Who’s Cute Babybook” IS cute! I have so many pieces of paper laying around the house with our daughter’s milestones scribbled on them. I actually became nervous about it the other day when I was cleaning, as it took me a while to find one of these heavily written on, double-sided pieces of paper. I think I would have absolutely freaked out if I lost it! This book couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve already had such a wonderful time putting everything together, and thinking back about all her funny and cute moments. The book also does a fantastic job of hitting all the big moments; such as baby’s first sonogram picture, first bath, and coming home from the hospital. You can also document your labor and delivery, and even the story of how you and your significant other met. There are many pages for pictures (even on the cover) and this book can record your baby’s special moments and birthdays all the way till they are 5 years old! I picture myself sitting with my daughter when she is older and reading this book to her, all while trying to read through my watery eyes.

Pearhead Family Print Frame Kit

Pearhead Handprints

I am just in love with our “Family Handprint Frame”! It was really fun and easy to make. I love freeze framing our daughter’s handprint in time with ours. The kit comes with four different paint colors; pink, blue, green and yellow. My daughter picked the green out herself, so I used the pink and my husband used the blue. You can finger paint the color onto your hand, but to save on a messy situation, I used a small paint brush. It worked great! The paint came off easily and it dried rather fast on the paper. Although, just to be on the safe side, I let it sit for 24 hours before putting the frame together. I think this is such a cute piece, something we will cherish forever.

Pearhead Family Handprint Frame Final Picture

We all like to think that we will remember every detail of our child(ren) growing up, but sadly that isn’t so. So why not get a little help! Pearhead does such a great job of making memories last. I couldn’t be happier to have them help me on my sentimental journey!

I received these items at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Win it: One lucky person will win all these wonderful Pearhead products during the Labor Day Ready to POP Giveaway Hop, from September 7th to 21st. Be sure to come back to enter!

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  1. Amber Ludwig says:

    LOVE the family handprint frame!! So super cute!! Pearhead has such cuteness available and I love that the cuteness almost inspires you to use it more lol!! Im not the biggest fan of the baby book we got for my son so I never really filled it out…whoops!!

  2. Carole carlson says:

    Love all these projects

  3. Very Cute! What a great way to capture those memories.

  4. Victoria Robinson says:

    Love these I have one for my son

  5. Jessica Hepper says:

    The products look lovely and i love the way the record book looks

  6. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    The family handprint frame is just plain adorable!!! What a great keepsake! I love the blocks too…. I wanted them with my first 2 kiddos, but never broke down and bought them. I need to use them and get some pics of the next one!

  7. Kathleen Boss says:

    We have been using these with our little guy and they are awesome! It is so fun to capture these fun times when they are so tiny. Before I had him didn’t even know these existed. It makes it so easy and it’s clean clean clean !

  8. Stephanie Sangatanan says:

    Great keepsake products. Love the handprint idea

  9. Tracy Bland says:

    All of these products are wonderful! I love the age blocks, you can put them in pictures no matter how squirmy you child is. I also love the family frame. It is a great way of capturing a moment in time.

  10. Heather Eavers says:

    These are all great ideas. My favorite is the handprint one.

  11. This is so cute!

  12. laura bernard says:

    Love all of these projects! I feel like I would actually use the Pearhead keepsakes unlike some of the boring ones I received at my baby shower.

  13. Alicia Rhodes says:

    So cute! Wish I knew about these 10 weeks ago! It seems silly to start now and we already have a baby book. The family hand print is probably the only one I’d use.

  14. Eileen marie says:

    We are Pearhead junkies! We love their frames. I’d love to try the family handprint! 😍

  15. This looks like a great set. I especially love the age blocks, I can see getting a lot of use out of those!

  16. Haley Cook says:

    I love these ! They are so cute. I love memory items like this.

  17. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I’m a sucker for anything that allows me to keep pictures of my babies in such a cute way! I love the blocks, I wish I’d had those when my son and daughter were babies!

  18. Melissa Fortini says:

    That family handprint frame is genius I love that idea!!

  19. Melissa Ferris says:

    These are such cute ideas, and would be a wonderful way to document our 1st baby, as well as any siblings down the road. 😉

  20. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    How sweet. I love that the scrapbook amd crafts come with all you need to make easy memory keepsakes. I also have never done the month to month photos with the number blocks or sogns or the like, and always wanted to

  21. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    How sweet. I love that the scrapbook amd crafts come with all you need to make easy memory keepsakes. I also have never done the month to month photos with the number blocks or signs or the like, and always wanted to

  22. Kasey Tooley says:

    I love the family hand print frame. It would be a great keepsake :) The blocks are absolutely perfect for those monthly photos we’ve been taking of our newest baby.

  23. These look cute! It would be wonderful to have a baby book too because we have a little one expected to arrive any time this month! :)

  24. Ayla Crosley says:

    I love the hand prints! Thats such an amazing idea and I think we might do that for the holidays! The blocks are a wonderful alternative to the belly stickers too. I like how they are more eco-friendly and you’re not constantly making more waste like with the belly stickers!

  25. How adorable! Great projects

  26. My granddaughter who is 6 loves looking at photos and art from when she was a baby. What a wonderful way this is to document and share all those special moments.

  27. Pearhead – It looks like a wonderful memory book with spots for photos from birth to age 5. I appreciate the colorful designs.

  28. Robin Abrams says:

    I really love the handprints. I love anything that memorizes them while they are smaller. They grow up so fast

  29. Tiffany Blank says:

    I recently purchased a couple Pearhead items on Zulily! So adorable! I did not see the handprint frame but I’m thinking it is a must! Thank you for bringing this to my attention…my husband will be so excited haha! 😉

  30. Kasee Johnson says:

    While I have tons of photos of my 4 kids, I have a hard time telling how old each of them are in each picture. The Age Block Set would have been very handy. And it would make an amazing gift!

  31. Bena Wilbern says:

    These are definitely some of the items I will be needing when baby #1 comes this January. I especially love the little blocks to help keep track of her growth! :) I know that a lot of my family from out of state will love to see her pictures every month.

  32. I love all these!!! They have such cute thing available!

  33. So cute!!..matches the nursery..

  34. I love to create a scrapbook of all the important moments in my daughter’s life!

  35. All of these things are just so special, especially when you personalize them! I absolutely love the age blocks! I take pictures of my kids all of the time too, these would be a great addition! I would also love doing the handprint frame too, so cute!!

  36. i just love these products and the classic style from their company. The personalized blocks are the cutest

  37. mary jo mort says:

    I just bought this for Laura Nano Vargas.

  38. Aww! The family handprint is super sweet and perfect gift as well!

  39. K-Squared says:

    This is incredible not only will be full of memories in the future but it has activities to do in the present! The idea for the family related photo is great as it will always store that of memories that were had before the bird(s) leave the nest!

  40. The time just flies by! This is such a great idea to capture some sweet memories!

  41. Deborah D says:

    These are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Could never keep up with a baby book, but some paint on the hands- that is totally my speed! 😂

  43. The date blocks are so cute! That’s so clever and adorable!

  44. Cari Lingwood says:

    Anything that makes it easy to document all of the little moments sounds great to me!

  45. Terry Madden says:

    I want all of these for a baby shower gift these are so precious,

  46. amy bowens says:

    I love this . I did something this with my first child will definitely check out the site.

  47. Brittany Pinheiro says:

    II love the handprints. Such a good keepsake.

  48. I like the record book. I have different books for my first two children, but expecting #3 now, and looking for a good one to keep the memories of this new little one.

  49. Ashley Cardoso says:

    Oh, how I love this! The record book is so precious and I absolutely adore the hand print frame. Perfect keepsakes for a growing baby❤️

  50. The age blocks are such a cute idea! Babies grow and change so fast, it’s hard to keep up. These are a fun prop that could be used in so many different ways!

  51. Elisabeth says:

    What a sweet way to document their growth!

  52. Cindy Kong says:

    I this is so adorable, I love the hand print picture. Great idea! I love the age block set too.

  53. Larissa Novotny says:

    What a beautiful collection to commemorate baby. Wish I had something like this for the first, this would be incredible for baby #2

  54. Aliya Thunder says:

    These are so sweet! What a great idea!

  55. I have the blocks and I love them!

  56. Taylor Clark says:

    There is nothing more precious than capturing tiny fingers before they grow to “human size,” as my 6 year old puts it. Pictures are fantastic, but holding your hand over a Family hand print set takes the cake and floods Mom’s with memories.
    Side note: Does Pearhead realize how darling their albums and blocks are?

  57. heather mcfarland says:

    I like that hand print photo frame. It gets the family involved on a fun and personal project. And every time they look at it they will remember the fun they had.

  58. Jennifer Odom says:

    I really like the family picture frame to capture that moment in time! :)

  59. Dagmar Moretti says:

    Oh wow this would be an awesome keepsake!

  60. emma rina says:

    I’d love to keep track of my baby’s milestones with Pearhead!

  61. I love the age block set – perfect for pictures! And the family handprints is so sweet

  62. janet aycock says:


  63. what a cute idea love to win this

  64. If only I were as dedicated

  65. I love the month cubes! I’m expecting my first baby in November, and I’ve already been thinking about how I’ll take the little milestone pictures. This would be perfect!

  66. MiaAbbyMom says:

    As a first time mother its important to me to save my childs memories :) these products make it very fun

  67. Tran Truong says:

    This is a cute idea I have 3 kids n one on the way!

  68. How precious! I love the handprint frame! :)

  69. Amanda Schaeffer says:

    Pearhead has such cute products I love the Family Hand print Frame and the Who’s Cute Baby book sounds wonderful.Thank you for the review: :)

  70. CR Williams says:

    This is so cute. I would love to get one of these for my daughter.

  71. This is SOO CUTE!!!! I feel so guilty I didn’t do something like this for my 17 m old daughter…..

  72. emma rina says:

    Love this set from Pearhead!

  73. Jenna Law says:

    They’re all adorable! I love the blocks since they’re different than just using the stickers. The picture hand frame is love as well!

  74. Sandra Watts says:

    Those are great! It is such fun doing the hand prints and they can be used for so many things. I love making crafts with them too.

  75. Miriam Matheny says:

    pearhead has such cute stuff to keep memories with that are so modern. They always come up in my search for baby shower gifts.

  76. stephanie murphy says:

    So cute! What a great way to preserve baby’s memories too! I’ll have to get one for baby #2 arriving in December!

  77. Cheryll Shubert says:

    What a great company!! What great ideas!!! I am so in love with the handprint kit!! I am definitely going to get one. I think it’s so important to document as much as you can about your little one and how they are growing, etc. I am just not the best at doing it. I am so excited to make the handprint frame…really love that! I love the Age Block set too!! What a great way to remember how old they were in their pictures!! Great review, thanks so much for sharing!!

  78. Lauren Jones says:

    Such a neat idea to preserve memories.

  79. Cheryl W. says:

    My mom is a big picture taker and the blocks would be awesome to add to her prop collection. I love the family hand print idea. I love keepsakes that form memories!

  80. What amazing frames i have never heard of pearhead

  81. Love all the products!!!

  82. Love all the memory making products!!!

  83. This is such a cute set! What a perfect shower gift!

  84. Mare Wagenbach says:

    The first time parents in our family will be very diligent about writing every little thing down about every little move! First baby syndrome! :)

  85. I love the Family Handprint Frame. I’ve never seen a product like this where you do the family’s prints and not just the child’s hand print. It is a great idea. I also love their Age Block Set to show age of baby in pictures. This is so much better than putting age on back of photo or under photo in photo album.

  86. denise low says:

    The handprint frame is so cute. All thisis just great to own

  87. What a great way to make memories for baby.

  88. They have such cute stuff!! I love the handprint frame!!

  89. So cute.All of the products are awesome. I love the family hand print frame.

  90. Thanks for the tip about using the brush for the hand prints, although finger painting sounds more fun 😉

  91. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I love these Pearhead products! So unique and creative!

  92. Bianca Munoz says:

    This is so cute and creative! Love all the things you are able to do with it! My favorite is the blocks with the months! Thanks for the review!

  93. Katy Baird says:

    That handprint photo frame is amazing! I’d love to have some beautiful keepsakes like that :)

  94. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    Love stuff like this. Didn’t really get a chance to do this for my first baby. Would love to do all this for baby #2!!