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  1. I love the colors and being able to dress my lo for any occasion with cloth diapers.

  2. I LOVE that I don't have to freak out about running out of diapers.

  3. The obvious fav thing about cloth is the money we save

  4. I hope to start using them when my little one arrives in March

  5. I love that we are not generating more waste for the landfills (or incinerators in our case).

  6. I like cloth diapers for the cost and environmental savings.

  7. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly Plus they have super cute designs disposables can't beat !

  8. I haven't started using them yet since my little man is due at the end of the month but so far I love the colors and prints, overall savings and that they are environmentally friendly!

  9. hmmmm, i repinned a pin, but the entry form isn't letting me paste the link for verification…

  10. I love that they are cute but environmentally friendly. And they save money!!

  11. My favorite thing about using cloth diapers is not having to pay for disposables.

  12. I like that my son's diaper rash has improved drastically with very few flair ups. I also love the variety of color and prints and types of diapers.

  13. much more Cheaper

  14. No chemicals on my sons bum, and all the adorable prints and such!!! Oh and Save money if I don't spend too much on cute diapers! LOL!!

  15. I love that my baby isnt sitting in chemicals all day!!

  16. I love that I never have to worry about running to the store to buy diapers and that my monthly budget isn't consumed by diaper costs! I also love that my sensitive skinned babies hardly ever get rashes :)

  17. I love not having to run to the store for diapers all the time! And I love how cute cloth looks!

  18. i love how fun they are to use i love shopping for them like clothing and all the little accesories etc its fun for me

  19. I love how you can dress them up in just diapers

  20. It keeps my baby's behind free from rashes

  21. how easy it is!

  22. Love the decreased cost.

  23. The cute prints!

  24. saving money and the environment!

  25. saving money and the environment!

  26. saving money and the environment!

  27. My favorite thing is never having to worry about running out of diapers :)

  28. My favorite thing is less waste in the landfills

  29. I love how cute they are!

  30. I like saving money with cloth diapers. I also love their reusability.

  31. Saving money and not filling a garbage bag of disposables every week.

  32. I like how cute they are, how versatile they are, that they're good for the environment, and so soft and squishy!

  33. I love how much better they are for the Earth. Plus they are super cute and save at ton of money!

  34. saving $

  35. I like that I'm not creating so much trash!

  36. I love saving money, but the adorable prints help take the work out of it

  37. The money savings for sure!

  38. I love never "running out" of diapers!

  39. I love how gentle they are on my baby's tush

  40. My favorite thing about cloth diapers are the cute prints I can get for my daughter!

  41. cutey hineys and no chemicals!

  42. Saving money

  43. my favorite thing about cloth diapers is honestly the cute prints. lol

  44. I love saving money on cloth diapers!!

  45. I love the cuteness, the greenness, and the savings.

  46. I love that they are better for the environment and they save money.

  47. My favorite thing about Cloth is saving money but I also love how cute my daughter looks in them. lol

  48. I love that I feel like I'm doing something to help my family financially and I'm giving my baby the best.

  49. Love cloth because there are fewer blowouts!

  50. Love not creating trash… and saving the money!

  51. Such a money-saver! Love that.

  52. My favorite reason is that it saves our family money. I also love that it's better for my baby's skin AND the environment!

  53. Saving money! And the cuteness factor, of course :)

  54. I love that I’m not exposing baby to all those harmful chemicals

  55. I like that it saves money and is better for the environment!

  56. I love how cute they are! Much better than disposables.

  57. First that it saves me money…then once I got into it I really really how cute they are!!!

  58. Saves so much more money! Thank you!

  59. I love that I am not wasting anything when I use my cloth diapers!

  60. I like that they are good for the environment.

  61. the fact u don't have to worry about running out of diapers!! ever

  62. you save money and save the environment at the same time

  63. I just like having diapers on hand whenever I need them. I never have to question whether or not I have any available.

  64. I like that I save money & cloth diapers have so many cute colors & patterns.

  65. My favorite thing about cloth diapering is how easy it is and how cute my baby looks in them!!!!

  66. Saving money.

  67. I love how cute they are, but honestly my favorite thing about cloth is saving a quarter every. time.

  68. ive never used them, im wanting to win this for my sister in law whos first baby is due in december

  69. I love using cloth diapers, but the best part for me is the money I save. My family hit hard times and having a few clothes has saved us money we really needed.

  70. my favorite thing about cloth diapers is the cost savings!

  71. My favourite thing is that if I can win enough cloth diapers I could diaper our baby/babies for free :-) …and they make me feel more environmentally responsible than using disposables.

  72. I will start using them in Feb or Jan if baby comes early. I am looking forward to no chemicals and saving money.

  73. I like not having to continually spend money on diapers.