Look stylish, even when your baby is teething! Chewbeads Review!


I’ve always had a love for accessories and I try to jazz up my outfits whenever I can.  That sort of came to a screeching halt once my little guy entered the grabbing phase.  Not only could he lock a death grip on some of my favorite pieces, he also had a tendency to gnaw on them

Chewbeads was born after a mom, with a background in fashion, had a baby boy and feared that her jewelry would break or that her son would ingest harmful chemicals due to his continual chewing on her accessories.  She created a line of soft, non-toxic jewelry that is colorful, chic, and safe for babies.  Chewbeads offered to send me an assortment of their products to review and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out their fabulous line of jewelry and teethers.

I was sent 2 necklaces, a bracelet, and a teether from Chewbeads to review:

I was sent a Jane necklace in Cobalt and matching Stanton bracelet.  First, let me say that I LOVE the Cobalt color.  It’s an awesome shade of royal blue and will be perfect for football season (Go Gators!).  The necklace is created using 100% silicone beads (similar to what is used for pacifiers and bottle nipples) strung on heavy duty thread/string to prevent breakage.  The necklace is also knotted in between each bead so that in the rare case the necklace would break, most of the beads would remain in place.  There is also a breakaway clasp for added safety.  The Jane necklace is also available in 18 great, eye-catching colors.  


The Stanton Bracelet is super stylish link bracelet that’s available in a rainbow of colors.  It has a little bit of stretch so it’s easy to slip on and off.  This design makes it perfect to be a colorful reminder of which side you’ve just nursed.

The silicone material that the beads, bracelets, and teethers are fashioned from are soft on baby’s gums and teeth.  They’re also easily cleaned with dish soap and water.  Heck, they are even dishwasher safe!  You can rest assured knowing that there is no BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium, or Lead in Chewbeads so your little one can gnaw until their heart is content.


I was also sent the Perry Necklace in Turquoise.   I can’t even tell you how much I adore this necklace! It’s super stylish and I love the color!  I love to pair it with contrasting brightly colored tops and dresses, or with just a plain white tee and jeans like pictured above.  My little guy is really attracted to this necklace and loves to play with it and chew on it.  These necklaces are designed to be a great sensory tool for babies and can help with keeping their focus while nursing.


The Mulberry Teether is also wonderful for my little teether.  It’s available in four great colors combinations.  I love the contrasting black and white and the wubba seems to really like it as well.  Chewing on the soft silicone beads really seems to ease his discomfort.  I also love how easy the Mulberry Teether is clean.  I usually just wash it with a warm water and dish soap when I’m washing sippy cups for the day and we’re good to go.

Overall, I am loving Chewbeads!   They’re great for moms who want to maintain their sense of style, while keeping their babies safely entertained and happy.

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Disclosure: I received the items reviewed from Chewbeads at no cost to facilitate this review.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may differ from yours.  
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  1. Mulberry Teether – Punchy Pink

  2. I’d choose the Perry Necklace in Turquoise…it looks so cute on you. Thanks.

  3. Perry Necklace – Stormy Grey it would go with alot! :) thanks for the chance to win :)

  4. I like the Jane necklace in Stormy Grey

  5. I really love the Stanton Bracelet in black!

  6. I would love to have the Jane necklace and Cordelia bracelet gift set in Stormy Grey!!

  7. I’m excited to learn about Chewbeads because I avoid plastic as much as possible, and always looks for silicone options. Love the variety of colors available too. Loving the Greenwich Necklace in Turquoise, and also the Stormy Gray too!

  8. Stanton Bracelet inDeep Sea Blue is what I like

  9. I really like the Perry Necklace in Stormy Grey :)

  10. Greenwich Necklace – Stormy Grey

  11. The Waverly Necklace in Black & White and the Stanton in black would be AWESOME to have! ( think the Stack and Play – Peace, Love, Star would be awesome too)

  12. Perry in Emerald green is a nice fun color.

  13.  Perry Necklace – Emerald Green


  14. Mulberry teether – stormy gray

  15. I like the charles bangle in emerald green, or any color!

  16. Perry in turquoise!

  17. Oh that Stack and Play toy looks great! Although I'd love to have Perry Necklace in grey so I can switch it out with my black Jane necklace.

  18. Love the Bleecker necklace in Turquoise!

  19. Definitely the Hudson necklace in turquoise!

  20. I've had the mulberry teether on my wishlist for a little while now!

  21. i like;Jane Necklace – Stormy Grey

  22. I love the Perry necklace in turquoise. i also like the cobalt Cornelia bracelet bc any of it would be great to have!

  23. I love the Cornelia bracelet in cobalt and the Jane necklace in cobalt. So pretty!

  24. I like that they have some flatter beads on the Greenwich Necklace – Stormy Grey

  25. I love the Hudson Necklace in Deep Sea Blue!

  26. I love the Perry necklace

  27. I love the Perry Necklace in Cherry Red.

  28. I love the Mulberry Teether – Punchy Pink

  29. My baby is teething so these would be great!

  30. I would choose the Jane Necklace in punchy pink for my granddaughter who ate half a page of her storybook today due to teething!

  31. the cornelia-but they are all so pretty

  32. I had one of these for my teething baby and it was great! I had the perry necklace and it was great for him. He was always trying to eat the other necklaces I had that were chew beads!

  33. the new Cornelia bracelet in turquoise

  34. waverly neckless black

  35. I am going to have to say the perry necklace in stormy gray would be my top pick, but I really love their bracelets too!

  36. I would love to have the Stack and Play set for my grandchild.

  37. I love the Perry necklace but can't decide between stormy grey and turquoise!

  38. I would choose the Perry necklace in stormy grey!

  39. I love the Bleeker necklace in turquoise!

  40. Jane necklace in stormy gray

  41. Jane necklace in stormy gray

  42. These necklaces are really cute!

  43. I would love to have the Jane Necklace in Violet color.

  44. Perry Necklace in Stormy gray!!!

  45. Skinny charles bangle in creamsicle

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Mulberry Teether – Turquoise or Stack & Play

  48. I love the necklace and stanton bracelet set.

  49. I like the perry necklace in cherry red and the teether in black

  50. I love the Greenwich and Perry necklaces, and the stacker set that they just came out with. I have two sets of the Skinny Charles Bangles and wear them with everything, my hubby has started depending on me having 'one of those bracelets' on at all times!

  51. mulberry teether and Bleecker necklace in punch pink!!

  52. I love the Bleecker Necklace – Turquoise.

  53. I like Stanton Bracelet – Black

  54. I love the Mulberry Teether in Stormy Grey and the Greenwich Necklace in Ivory.

  55. This was just the info I was looking for today! My baby isn't teething yet, but I want to be prepared. I'm relieved to see I can have something that looks good and also serves a good purpose!

  56. Oh and I'd love the Waverly necklace in Stormy Grey!

  57. I like the beaded necklaces, especially the Deep Sea Blue and the Turquoise.

  58. I'd love the Perry necklace in any color. The bracelets are too cute too!

  59. I like the hudson necklace in black! :)

  60. Perry Necklace in Cobalt! :)

  61. I like the Hudson in black

  62. i like the perry necklace.

  63. I would like the Perry Necklace in White :)

  64. I like the Hudson in black!

  65. Mullberry teether in turquoise would be awesome for my lil one.

  66. I would chose the Bleecker necklace in punchy pink.

  67. Perry in emerald green :)

  68. I like there Cornelia bracelet,Charles bangle, and Perry necklace. I’m not sure witch color I would have if I could all of them. I don’t think that my husband would like that to much.

  69. I like the Bleecker. But i'm more of a solid color girl. So I might go with the Jane.

  70. I would love the Waverly necklace in black or the Jane necklace in white :-)

  71. i love the jane necklaces!! any color!! punchy pink is a favorite

  72. I love the Perry Necklace in Turquoise and Cornelia Bracelet – Stormy Grey :)

  73. The perry necklace in Cobalt. Go cats!

  74. The perry necklace in Cobalt. Go cats!

  75. I love the Perry Necklace is black and the Mulberry teether in black.

  76. I'd love the Perry Necklace – Cobalt, the Skinny Charles Bangle – Cobalt, and the Mulberry Teether – Black.

  77. I like the Greenwich Necklace – Stormy Grey.

  78. pretty and lovely products for both mom and baby yet fashonalble and kids safe,I like the Gift set includes one Jane Necklace and one Cornelia Bracelet in signature wrapping. Jane Necklace Color* Punchy pink
    Cornelia Bracelet Color*:Punchy Pink

  79. I really like the Perry necklace (emerald or turquoise) or the Hudson necklace (turquoise or blue).

  80. Stanton Bracelet – Stormy Grey is super cute

  81. I’d pick the Hudson necklace in Deep Sea Blue.

  82. I would pick the Perry necklace in Stormy Gray

  83. I love the Perry necklace in turquoise!

  84. I adore the Perry Necklace and the new Stanton Bracelet! Grey, Cobalt, Black, White, they are all so classy!

  85. I like the Jane necklace

  86. I like the Waverly Necklace – Stormy Grey! It’s beautiful!

  87. I like the Perry Necklace in White!

  88. I like the Perry Neclace in Chocolate and the New Cornelia Bracelet in Chocolate Brown :)

  89. I like the Perry Necklace in Turquoise.

  90. I like the Jane necklace!

  91. 2 junior beads necklace gift set…in pink :)

  92. Perrry necklace- stormy gray….I think

  93. Perrry necklace- stormy gray….I think

  94. Perry Necklace – Chartreuse

  95. I like the Stanton bracelet in Emerald.

  96. I like the Hudson necklace in stormy grey.

  97. I love the
    Necklace and Stanton Bracelet Gift Set

  98. I love the Perry necklace in black.

  99. Love the Stanton bracelet in emerald!

  100. It's such a great idea! I've already packed away my necklaces due to my little one.

  101. It's such a great idea! I've already packed away my necklaces due to my little one.

  102. I would probably choose the Jane Necklace in Emerald Green!

  103. perry necklace in terquoise

  104. I would love the Perry Necklace in Turquoise!

  105. I love the Perry necklace in turquoise and the skinny charles bangles in in emerald green

  106. I like the Waverly Necklace in black

  107. I like the Bleecker Necklace.

  108. This would be a gift for my wife and I'm not sure which one she would pick.

  109. I like the Hudson necklace gift set.

  110. i like the perry in the turquoise, thank you!

  111. I like the Perry Necklace – Black.

  112. I just love the Waverly in black and white. diesel_had_my_baby@yahoo.com

  113. I like the Perry Necklace in Stormy Grey.

  114. Greenwich Necklace and Cornelia Bracelet in stormy grey!

  115. I'd like the perry necklace in cobalt.

  116. I like the Waverly Necklace – Black. It would go with anything I'd wear!

  117. The Perry necklace in Cherry Red is my favorite! ~Becky Wenrich

  118. These are so cool. I love Turquoise so that's the color I would choose. As for style in the necklace I like the Hudson and bracelet I like the Charlie..

  119. I'd love the perry necklace in turquoise or emerald!

  120. Jane Necklace in cobalt with the 3 set of skinny charles bangles in the cobalt and turquois!

  121. I would love a Hudson necklace in deep sea blue!