FitDesk X 2.0 Exercise Bike Giveaway!

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photo credit: FitDesk

Welcome to the FitDesk X2.0 Giveaway 

Even though It’s HOT outside, it’s still important to maintain your cardiovascular fitness.

I’d love to have an indoor cardio option like an exercise bike and I thought maybe you would too!
Here’s a great opportunity for you to win a FitDesk X 2.0!

The FitDesk X 2.0 Lightweight Folding Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Platform is perfect for improving your cardiovascular health while working on that next big deadline, surfing the web, or keeping up with friends. Here are just a few features you will receive with your $299 FitDesk X 2.0:

  • Digital resistance meter tracks mileage, calories, time, etc.
  • Easy adjust resistance control knob.
  • Easy adjust saddle along with 4″ seat extender allow for quick and correct fit.
  • Quiet, twin belt, high velocity flywheel.
  • Folds and locks for easy storage; wheels for easy transport.
  • Recommended weight limit: 250 pounds.
  • User height: 4′ 10′ to 6′ and up.
  • 16″x19″ desk surface.
  • 16″x28″ footprint.
  • Product weight: 47 pounds.
Open to the US only, ages 18+ and ends on August 19th at midnight CST.
Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  The first entry is free, all others are optional.
However, the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The FitDesk X2.0 Giveaway is restricted to legal residents of the United States of America. The FitDesk X2.0 Giveaway ends at midnight CST on August 19, 2013. One winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. The winner will be sent an email and will have forty-eight hours to respond. If no response is received within forty-eight hours, another winner will be chosen. The Parenting Patch, Viva Veltoro, and other co-hosting blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. As a teacher, I have so much work that needs to be done at home. Having the ability to exercise some while working would be pretty awesome.

  2. I could REALLY use this-I have a form of agoraphobia so I rarely go out lately,it's hard. I spend a lot of time working from home now and socializing on my laptop-needless to say I don't get a lot of exercise. I just can't get very motivated to do any kind of routine workout-this would be such a change and I could maintain my health. Amazing chance-thank you! ~Raine~ buzzyngabe(at)

  3. I'm in the Army and pregnant with my first child, having this would really help me to stay fit, while getting things accomplished. It's so important for me to maintain my fitness, this would be perfect for that!

  4. I'm a SAHM of 3 kids under 4! I can't get out much, and I NEED to drop some pounds and boost my energy level! It's rainy and cold here pretty often, so it would be WONDERFUL to get some exercise in during naptime, and treadmills can be SO LOUD! I'd love to get my Facebooking and blogging in while burning calories, because, let's face it, time is a commodity these days!

  5. I would like to win the FitDesk because I spend many hours a day on the computer. It would benefit me greatly to work and exercise at the same time. Thanks for the chance!

  6. The FitDesk would allow my husband and I to exercise while getting some work done!

  7. I spend to much time on the computer and I do not get enough exercise. I need this to improve my health.

  8. I'm a WAHM and would love to win so I could workout while working. With 2 kids, sometimes it's hard to find time to workout.

  9. I am 54 years old tomorrow and my butt is sliding down the back of my thighs. I think that is a good reason to want this exercise bike.

  10. My dad had hip surgery and I think this would be a good way for him to workout in front of the tv instead of just sitting there.

  11. Might as well get some exercise in at the same time as working on the computer, right? Or using my iPad! Would love to own this!

  12. i want this for my daughter. she is way over weight She is very anti social and doesn't do anything but use the computer she could exercise

  13. I am a new mommy. Enough said lol..I need to get back in shape!! I think having this would allow me to stay at home and do this while my baby boy is sleeping or playing.

  14. I would love to have it because I just had my second daughter 4 months ago and I don't get to go to the gym as much as I would like to.

  15. I would love this-love to bike but don't always want to go out when weather is not permitting. Plus I usually have 2 not-exactly-little ones in the cart behind my bike which makes it tough to really go far/fast…etc.

  16. I would love this because when my son naps I check my emails and I could work out at the same time.

  17. I think this is perfect for any college student! Fitness and studying all at the same time!

  18. I work from home a lot and this would let me work out while working!

  19. I would love to win because this is something I could do while I work at home

  20. truth is, i’m lazy! i am in college and have so much stuff to do each day i can’t find the time to exercise. (i know this is no excuse, hence, lazy). this would be perfect because i can multitask

  21. I'd love to win this so I can actually exercise indoors while watching my 2 little ones.

  22. I want to win so I can exercise and enter giveaways at the same time
    Jessica Cox

  23. I want to win so I can exercise and enter giveaways at the same time
    Jessica Cox

  24. I want to win so I can exercise and enter giveaways at the same time
    Jessica Cox

  25. I want to win so I can exercise and enter giveaways at the same time
    Jessica Cox

  26. I can't usually exercise outdoors because of my asthma and most exercise equipment is too big to fit in my tiny apartment. This would allow me to exercise at home while being with my kids.

  27. I really love an exercise bike and have had good results in the past, but I don't own one right now. We're still fairly new to our area so I don't have someone to walk with, or ride bikes so the fitdesk would be perfect!

  28. I'd love to win this because I always feel so lazy when i'm SITTING at the computer! I'd love to be able to multitask and work out while I'm working on the computer!

  29. I'd love to be able to exercise while I work at the computer!
    Kitty Iecvan

  30. I really need this.i have gotten ill and it left me immobile for a combination with that I have to take I have put on about 35 extra pounds that I really want off.

  31. I'm a single mom with 2 little girls so I don't have the time or money to go to the gym!

  32. I could work-out while keeping up with all my favorite blogs & giveaways!

  33. I have a mitochondrial disease and low exercise tolerance. Having this at home would allow me to work out a little everyday instead of waiting for physical therapy.

  34. love to win this for my wife she has been wanting one of these for a long time. thankyou, ken

  35. I would love to win the FitDesk so that I could exercise while I work on my classes and get in shape while I learn. What a simple and awesome product!

    RC Name: Danielle Papsis

  36. I am having a second child and will be working some from home after his or her arrival this might help to accomplish much and lose some baby weight…entered as Mary v

  37. i am overweight i have to stay in the house alot i have an 22 yr old autistic son who has explosive behavior diorder needless to say we dont get out alot and really no form of exercise mhe is overweight i cry i worry about his health and want to help him i just cant afford a treadmill or exercise equipment so if i won this it would be a god sent for him and myself thank you

  38. So I can lose some much needed baby weight while I blog.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  39. I would love to win this to exercise everyday and it was be nice to have my laptop in front of me while working out.

  40. I would love to win this for my mom! She gets to weak to exercise on a treadmill and really wants to get into shape. This will allow her to gain strength exercising while being able to sit AND use her computer or read her favorite books!

  41. This would be great because I live on a dirt road and there is no where to ride a bike unless I drive to the park. I would also be able to exercise while getting things done.

  42. I am tyring to lose weight and have lost 15 pounds so far…kind of stopped so hoping this will help

  43. I am a mom of 3, work full time, and go to school part time. I would love this to squeeze some exercise in my busy day.

  44. I work at the computer a lot and have always wished there was a way I could be getting some exercise at the same time!

  45. I’m currently pregnant and I would love to have this to stay active now and get back in shape once the baby arrives. I will be working from home beginning in a few months and I would love to set this up in my finished basement to utilize while the kids are sleeping or playing.

  46. I have always wanted a fitdesk! I do a lot of my work on the computer and it would be great to be able to exercise & get all my work done while losing weight!

    stephanie ann

  47. I've love to win because I'm always on the computer trying to enter giveaways for my kids ( I'm a single mom without a job atm) &this would keep me a little active. I try to work out, but with two screaming kids all day, and a baby that doesn't sleep i don't get to :/

  48. I would love this for my husband. He works in IT and always complains that he has no time to work out. Now there are no excuses…muhahaha!

  49. This would be perfect for me since it would give me an opportunity to cycle throughout the day and still do my hobbies and volunteer work on the computer or could put my laptop on it and watch my shows (I don't have a tv). I really think this is a wonderful invention!

  50. I would love to win this, because I just had my son six months ago, and I could use help getting off the rest of the baby weight! Having an exercise bike in my house would make it a lot easier, since I wouldn't have to pack up to head to the gym!

  51. I want to win because at 48 years old I have ignored exercising for far too long. I need to improve my health & this would help me to start right now.

  52. Today was the first shopping trip since I was put on bed rest from my 3rd pregnancy… I have nooo muscle tone left. I would this chair to help me get in shape.

  53. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ this fit desk would great to help me get back in shape after being on bed rest with my second child especially as I endeavor to be a work at home mom

  54. This would be awesome. Once the kids were asleep, I could actually get work done on my computer while working out!

  55. I don’t have a lot of time to work out. This would help me work out at home, and I love that I could multitask and be on my computer while working out.

  56. I would love to use this to work out. I get so bored without something to do! My husband would also LOVE this!

  57. I would love to win this because I need to get into better shape, and I don’t have time to go to the gym.

  58. I want to exercise, but can’t because I am on the computer. This would solve the problem.

  59. I need to exercise more and being able to work and exercise at the same time would be a godsend…what neat product and thanks!

  60. I want to exercise and start losing weight. I can get that and everything I need to do online done at the same time. :)

  61. after my daughter had cancer and my son a heart transplant i gained 100lbs and I need to get it off and I think this looks like a great way to do it and work at the same time wonderful idea!

  62. This would be perfect for me to work out and blog at the same time.

  63. so many kids makes joining a gym hard… this would be so amazing and i bet my oldest would be into it too!!!

  64. I'd love this for myself. I work often on the computer and would love the opportunity to work out at the same time. Thanks!

  65. During the summer it gets too hot to go outside for more than a few minutes. This would be great for those really hot days and also for when I want to be on the laptop and workout!

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. I'd love to win this because I spend a lot of time on the computer cross-posting dogs and entering sweeps & giveaways. It tends to give me a back ache and I a fit desk would help enormously with that as well as allow me to excercise aerobically during fall, winter and spring when it's raining outside.

    Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter

  68. I would love to win this because I need to get more exercise. This looks like a great way to fit in exercise!

  69. My whole family could use this as we all could lose a few pounds!

  70. I would love to win because my posture stinks when I’m on my laptop. This would help so much!

  71. I want to win this for the days I telecommute or while I am studying for my degree so that I can successfully meet the MD recommendation of losing at least 30 and even being able to maintain it

  72. I was recently hospitalized for a perforating ulcer. I was in a coma for 7 days, during which time I lost muscle. I need to build some back. That’s why I need the excercize bike.

  73. I have GD and have been doing workouts during telework on a treadmill. After I give birth I want to keep it up with more aerobic activity.

  74. After my third child (he's 9 months old) I have baby weight to drop! This would help tremendously!

  75. My husband works from home often, late into the night so he has a hard time getting to the gym. It would be great if he could exercise while working!

  76. I am really trying to get into a workout routine and think this could help.

  77. I just had spinal surgery & am off on disability. I can't do anything at this time ( as far as lifting etc) until further notice. I would like to get out & walk, but neighborhood is not real safe so I am stuck & BORED silly

  78. I sit ALL DAY at work and eat fattening snacks! I really need to lose some weight

  79. I want to win the Fit Desk! It would offer me exercise while being able to be online also.

  80. I go to school and work online, it can be hard to get away from the computer, and the Fit Desk would be a lifesaver!!

  81. This is an amazingly cool invention! I have baby #4 coming, this would be great to get back in shape and keep up on my emails.