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Shabby Apple

Since having a baby, I do a lot of my shopping online.  Preparing for a day of shopping with a baby in tow is not on my list of top 10 favorite things.  I’d much rather browse from the comfort of my own home. When I was contacted by Shabby Apple to review one of their dresses I was thrilled!  I’d visited their website several times and have always loved their large selection of cute, feminine clothing.

Shabby Apple specializes in women’s retro and vintage style.  They truly have a dress for every occasion.  Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s a great chance that Shabby Apple has something you’ll love.   They carry petite to plus sizes so no matter your size or shape, they’ve got you covered.  Shabby Apple dresses are also modest, which I love.

I had a hard time selecting which dress to review.  Since I don’t have any big events coming up, I wanted an everyday dress that I could dress up or down depending on my mood and schedule.

The Da Vinci Dress was the perfect choice for me!
Shabby Apple
photo credit: Shabby Apple
Here is the description of the Da Vinci dress from the Shabby Apple website:
Sometimes choosing an outfit is as complex as cracking a Da Vinci anagram or reading backwards italian cursive without a mirror (or a dictionary!) Take the guesswork out of dressing with the soft and simple Da Vinci dress.  One part sweatshirt, one part puff-sleeved perfection, this easy-wearing number has a flare for the informal with its drop waist, A-line skirt and kangaroo pockets. Pack it for your next weekend getaway or make it a part of your everyday routine. 
When buying clothing online it’s always a little stressful since you don’t have the luxury of trying the items on.  Shabby Apple has sizing charts available and are very honest in their descriptions.  Twice in the description, this dress is listed as “fits generously”.  They recommended ordering a size smaller than you would from another retailer.  Shabby Apple also has a section for customer reviews which is so helpful when making a decision.  Based on the sizing chart and reviews, I chose a size small.

When I opened up the Da Vinci dress I noticed that although it was folded, it didn’t have any wrinkles! The dress is made from 70% Polyester 22% Rayon, and 8 % Spandex so it naturally maintains a smooth look. This would be a perfect travel dress!  It’s comfy enough to wear on a plane and won’t wrinkle in your suitcase.

I was a bit worried since I have a shorter torso that the dress would make me look a bit frumpy, but I’m really happy with the fit.  I think the size small was a perfect choice.  This dress is so soft and super comfortable.  I think it works great with flats, but I’m also planning to pair it with a cute pair of boots.  It’s really lightweight and slightly sheer, although I didn’t see a need to wear a slip.  I absolutely love the high neckline!  As a mom to a young baby, I’m constantly bending over to pick things up and with this dress I don’t need to worry about revealing anything to anyone.

Shabby Apple

If you’re concerned about sizing or fit, no need to worry.  You can simply return your dress to Shabby Apple and they’ll ship you a new one for free!

Buy it: You can purchase Shabby Apple apparel on their website.

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